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Improve The Visibility of Your Website

Raptor helps your business increase online sales, revenue and profits through effective SEO.

Whether you work at an SEO agency, in-house or for yourself as a freelance consultant, Raptor's SEO tools are for YOU. Our founding members have worked in SEO in all the roles mentioned above, combined, for two decades, so we know what SEOs need.

We've poured our years of experience into a cutting edge, state of the art SEO tools, affordable to any online business or SEO.

The 'TLDR' Version of This Page

Can’t be bothered to watch a video or read the content on this page? Well here's the bullet point summary for you…

What We Do

  • Crawl websites
  • Scrape SEO web data
  • Make beautiful reports
  • Identify technical issues
  • Help with SEO

What this can help with

  • SEO Reporting
  • Optimising websites for target keywords
  • Technical Auditing
  • Competitor Analysis
  • SEO Snapshots
  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • Page Speed Analysis

If that's all you need to know, you can sign up for a free trial by clicking the link, or you can continue reading for more details.

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Our Services

What we can Offer


Technical Audits

We look at over 200 components during a technical audit, and perform over 500 checks across every page of your site.


Page Speed Analysis

Granular and top-level page speed analysis, waterfall charts and intelligent analysis helps us to identify the biggest opportunities.


Over Time Tracking

We track all of the data all of the time! Meaning that we can easily identify correlations, causation and insights to improve organic performance.


Analytics / Reporting

All reports are customizable with components being easily removed or added, with template options to avoid creating the same report more than once.


Back Links

Regular and continuous back link analysis allows us to provide actionable link building opportunities.



We support your efforts to find, target, collect and analyse keywords and keyword data with both keyword research and keyword rankings.

More Than Just a Web Crawler, We Help Businesses Grow

We’ve made our software easy to use, navigate and understand no matter your level of knowledge. Everyone from noobs to veterans will be able to get what they need quickly and efficiently. Our software helps automate manual tasks, perform checks, analyses data, and present visualisations in a goal driven environment.

Raptor SEO web Crawler

We understand that SEOs need tools for a wide range of activities and have designed our tools to meet those needs head on. SEO is goal driven and so are we, we know that you don't just want a CSV file or to find errors, you want to boost rankings, traffic and online sales for your clients or win pitches to get more clients.

How Can Raptor Help Your Business?

Raptor is here to help all businesses, from SMBs to large brands. Monitor your site over time, track changes, be alerted to critical issues, analyse competitors, benchmarking and much more. Raptor is for any online business that wants to grow their organic presence, drive sales and online profits.

We do this by providing you with the SEO data & visualisations you need to make smart decisions, all at the click of a button.

Raptor SEO web Crawler charts and diagrams

Technical audits ensure that your site is indexable and that all the nuts and bolts are tightened to the correct torque settings. Audits are a frequent job for SEOs and businesses because websites are continually updated with new content or makeovers. Raptor performs technical audits on sites, performing hundreds of checks and presents you with the findings.

Raptor SEO web crawler technical audits improve indexation

Learn more about how Raptor helps with & performs technical site audits.

Professional Quality Reports to Impress Your Clients

Whether you work in-house or for an agency, you have clients. You’ll notice them as they are the people asking you for results or to demonstrate your value! Whether they take the form of your manager, the CMO or the people who come in once a month to see how much money you’ve made them, clients pay the bills, grow your business and provide you with pay rises, consequently it pays to keep them impressed.

Raptor SEO web crawler on tablet

Raptor produce quality reports that you can send straight to your clients. We also automate so much of the work, that you have more time to call and nurture your clients or focus on value adds.

Learn more about the SEO reports available in Raptor.

Optimise Any Site to Boost Rankings

A site can't rank for target keywords unless it targets them effectively on-page, to do that you need to crawl your site, analyse the data and ensure that keywords are used in the correct places. Raptor gives you all this information at your fingertips.

Raptor SEO web crawler meta data analysis

Whether its page titles, headers, anchor text or alt attributes, we provide you with the data you need to see if keywords are being effectively targeted. You can also use the exported data to map new target keywords and optimise your site to boost rankings.

Competitor Analysis to Increase Traffic & Sales

There are always reasons to spy on your competitors, whether you want to scrape their keywords, evaluate their SEO strategy or monitor their progress. Raptor allows you to add as many competitors as you like to a project, track and crawl them whenever you need.

Raptor SEO web crawler competitor analysis

Our easy to use project management system is especially useful for agencies or freelancers who want to group client projects in one place. Keeping the main site (the client site) and their competitors in a single project, perform analysis on the whole project or crawl when required.

Learn more about our competitor analysis tools.

SEO Snapshot to Win Pitches

Pitching to prospective clients can be a time-consuming process for agencies and freelancers. One of the most time-consuming aspects of the process is gathering and analysing data to find the opportunities. This is where Raptor can help, without taking more than a minute of your time!

Raptor SEO web crawler snapshots to win pitches

We can crawl and analyse your prospective client and their competitors, showing you all the opportunities. Comparing your prospective client to their competitors is a powerful lever when trying to demonstrate the value you can add. Nothing is more compelling than saying "all of your competitors are currently beating you in these areas"!

Benchmark Your Site in The Competitive Landscape

Competitive benchmarking isn't just for winning business or leveraging internal stakeholders to take actions or increase budgets. Benchmarking can provide critical input to strategic decisions about where to direct your efforts through identifying strengths and weaknesses.

Raptor SEO web crawler compeitor benchmarking

Whether you have a seven- or four-digit budget, knowing where to invest or how to segment your marketing budget is critical to success. Justifying that spend is as important, benchmarking is one of the first steps in making this type of decision.

Page Speed Analysis to Improve the User Experience

User experience is as important as getting users to your site, and page speed is the crossroad where SEO meets UX (User Experience). Improving page load times not only dramatically advances the user experience, but it also directly improves rankings.

Raptor SEO web crawler identify slow page speed

Raptor enables you to quickly find the slowest pages on your site and provides you with the data you need to see both why those pages are slow and what you need to do to speed them up. This is just one of the many ways we can help improve both UX and SEO.

Learn more about Raptor's page speed analysis.

How Are We Different from the Rest?

Depending on who you compare us to, there are many things that differentiate us from our competitors.

Unlike many of our competitors:

  • We don't want you to call a sales team that will try and push a sale
  • We don't withhold features from customers that can't afford the best pricing plan
  • We don't offer just two subscriptions, one of which requires you to sit through an hour-long pitch
  • We don't need your credit card details to get a free trial
  • We don't tie you into long contracts
  • We don't use 'opt-out' tactics


  • We do offer affordable pricing options to meet the needs of freelancers to enterprise-level agencies
  • We do provide a single limit on usage… the number of URLs you can crawl per month
  • We do allow as many projects as you need
  • We do allow as many sites as you want to add
  • We do allow you to have as many users as you like
  • We do allow you to access our tool from as any devices as you have
  • We do provide all the lovely SEO data you need to make strategic decisions, grow existing business and get new customers
  • We do offer cloud-based web crawling, access your data from anywhere, anytime

Want to Know What Our USPs (Unique Selling Points) Are?

Raptor offers a huge range of selling points, such as those listed above, but the one thing we are asked the most is "what are your unique selling points?".

  • We offer better value for money than other web crawlers
  • Crawl more URLs for less cost than any like for like competitor
  • Unique competitor analysis
  • Our competitor benchmarking is unlike any other tool
  • Our SEO snapshot feature is totally unique

Sign Up for a Free Trial

With the free trial you access to every feature available in a paid package, so you can try everything that we have to offer! You get 5,000 URLs and 30-days to use them in. You can upgrade at any point you want.

You will notice at the top of the page when using Raptor's SEO Tools, a strip that tells you how many URLs you have remaining on your trial. This starts off green and turns orange then red as you get close to your limit. See image below:

Raptor SEO web crawler usage banner

Still not convinced. Try us for free today and crawl & analyse up to 5,000 URLs for no charge.