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Backlink Analysis Tools

Intuitive & powerful backlink tools are designed to both reduce your workload and improve the effectiveness of your SEO strategy.

Backlink Analysis Tools

We download your backlinks and those of your competitors through our own API to backlink providers, into our database. Because of this we can manage 10’s or 100’s of millions of backlinks and backlink data that would grind Excel to a halt.

We provide you with all of the typical top-level metrics like the number of links, referring domains, etc. but rather than giving this to you in a CSV file, we perform the rest of the analysis based on some user input. The type of analyses that we do are described briefly below:

Backlink Analysis Tools
  • We check to see if the link is still live
  • Ratio metrics
    • Backlinks ÷ Referring Domains
    • Backlinks ÷ Referring IPs
    • Deep Links ÷ Home Page Links
    • Text links %
    • Image links %
    • Follow %
    • Nofollow %
  • Spam / penalty checks
  • Backlink distribution
  • Domains with the most links
  • DA (Domain Authority) Distribution
  • Categories of Links (meta-analysis)
  • All of the above analyses are compared to specified competitors

We also provide written analysis of these data, highlighting the key pros and cons and allow this to be exported into a beautiful high-end report.

Link Building

Using the backlink data, we also provide regular link building recommendations. We perform a range of tasks that every SEO does when looking for link opportunities within backlink profiles of competitors. We just do it with powerful servers running a robust database, allowing us to process more data, more accurately, and faster.

We also scrape contact information and meta data about the sites such as authority and trust metrics and present this in a priority order list of potential places to get a link.

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Product Features

Minimal Setup

All we need to know are your top target keywords, your brand and some competitors. We automate the rest of this process right up to delivering a report!

No Massive Spreadsheets!

Backlink data can be huge, especially when looking at 5-10 competitors, this can kill your computer. Raptor completely removes this problem.

Actionable Insights

We provide customised relevant actionable recommendations for any backlink profile, not just data. We do the analysis and tell you what you need to know.

Link Building Opportunities

Raptor provides a range of grouped and prioritised link building opportunities, not only from backlinks but other sources on a regular basis.

Regular Updates

We download link profiles continuously, allowing us to keep you updated with new opportunities, and helping to avoid potential problems.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis comes as standard and you can cycle through them over time to glean new insights and opportunities.

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