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Step 3.13: Analysing Competitor Data

Step 3.13: Analysing Competitor Data

Intermediate SEO Concepts | Analysing SEO Data


We use all the tools in the box to perform competitor analysis. As such these techniques draw upon concepts and techniques introduced throughout this guide so far.

Benchmarks & Targets

Understanding where you should be aiming and what your targets should be in many regards is vital to success. Looking at successful and similar competitors can help you to understand benchmarks and set useful targets.

Whether we are looking at the growth rate of backlinks or the amount of content you need to produce; understanding what competitors around you are doing, can inform your decisions.

The aim of this is to see where your site sits within the spectrum (context) of your competitors.

Backlink Analysis

It is more important to look at competitive data for backlinks, due to their ability to trigger a penalty from Google. Targets and benchmarks derived from the analysis of competitive data should drive your off-page SEO strategy.

Content Analysis

If your site has 20 pages but all ranking competitors have 100, you have a nice clear target of where you need to be in this regard. We apply this down the line to the most granular level:

  • How many pages (sitewide)
  • How many pages (per target keyword)
  • How many words (sitewide)
  • How many words (per target keyword)
  • Average no. of words per page (sitewide)
  • Average no. of words per page (per target keyword)

This type of analysis helps to inform your content strategy targets, they need to be both realistic (achievable) and useful. This analysis will help to answer both of those questions.

Keyword Analysis

Comparing the target keywords of competitors to your own target keywords can highlight gaps in your keyword strategy. These may be important or not, but analysing them and performing keyword research on the keywords highlighted can often yield interesting insights.


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