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Step 3.5: Analysing SEO Data

Step 3.5: Analysing SEO Data

Intermediate SEO Concepts | Analysing SEO Data


This concept is pivotal to SEO, no matter what you are looking at or doing, its more often than not represented or informed by data. Hence you will need to sharpen your data analysis skills in order to do SEO at any decent level.

We have already introduced the concepts of SEO data and the various forms it can take previously in this guide. In this section of our guide we cover the main areas we would typically address and the concepts that unpin those areas.

By the end of this section you should be familiar with the following concepts:

  • Website Data
  • Analysing Traffic Data
  • Analysing Keyword Data
  • Analysing Backlink Data
  • Analysing Competitor Data
  • Competitive Benchmarks

Although we occasionally provide examples, we do not explain how to do these types of analysis at this stage. Rather, we want to introduce these concepts first, later in this guide, we provide much more actionable or instructional information on these topics.

If you are not familiar with either the techniques or concepts that underpin analysing SEO data, we recommend you read this section rather than jumping ahead.


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