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Step 3.9: Analysing Website Data

Step 3.9: Analysing Website Data

Intermediate SEO Concepts | Analysing SEO Data


We are referring to the SEO aspect of website data rather than traffic data. This falls into two categories, both of which you should be familiar with by now:

Technical SEO Data

This is more or less ‘counting’! We typically look at the number of errors across a site, such as:

  • No. of missing page titles on canonical, indexable pages
  • No. of canonical errors
  • No. of indexation problems
  • etc

These are often also represented as a ratio or percentage, such as; the number of missing page titles as a percentage of all canonical, indexable pages. These ratios provide a more contextual way to evaluate the data. Knowing that a page has 100 missing page titles might seem high until you discover that is only 1% of all canonical pages.

In addition to the number of issues, we also often rank them by their potential impact on your SEO. We use these two components in order to gauge the scale & severity of technical issues on a site.

A site with loads of minor issues vs a site with a few critical issues… We need to know both components to put the data into proper context.

(Keyword) Optimisation Data

Here we are looking at data that indicates how well optimised a site is for its target keywords. Often this will be an analysis of crawl data combined with target keyword data, were we assess if the SEO components contain the target keyword.

This is often less numerical, although you can certainly represent it that way, but is data nonetheless. In fact, because this data is often less numerical, we need some clever techniques to analyse it. We cover these in our Excel for SEO guides.

Again, there is a weighting component here, Page Titles are more valuable a place to use the target keyword than a H6 Header… Hence if you are scoring a site or analysing it, you need to weight the number of issues by their impact on SEO.


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