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Step 3.7: Analysis Concepts

Step 3.7: Analysis Concepts

Intermediate SEO Concepts | Analysing SEO Data


There are a few basic analysis concepts that its worth describing at this point, as they are used throughout the following pages and in all types of data analysis.


All data should be analysed in the context of other data.

If I tell you that a website has 50K backlinks and 5K pages, it doesn’t tell you anything actionable. What do the competitors have, what do they need to rank for their target keyword???

If you saw those numbers and thought, that’s a big site… That is because you have some experience with websites, and it is only within the context of that experience that you can make any assessment of ‘how big a site is’.

Context is everything!

Story Telling

The aim of data analysis is to tell a story, but to tell it, you must first uncover the plot, listen to the narrative and read between the lines. At its most basic, this can be something along the lines of: we did X, Y & Z, in order to affect A, B & C, and this resulted in D, E, & F.

The ‘traffic is going up’ is not a story! Why did it go up? What were the driving factors? What’s the story?!

Hypothesis, Test, Science!

Data analysis should be approached scientifically. This means shedding your preconceptions and biases in favour of testable, demonstrable evidence. You need to support your claims with evidence and most importantly; you need to be able to disprove your hypothesis.

If your hypothesis is not testable, it’s not science and it’s not worth pursuing.


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