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Step 3.8: Analysis Techniques

Step 3.8: Analysis Techniques

Intermediate SEO Concepts | Analysing SEO Data


There are a couple of basic analysis techniques that are worth introducing at this point, as they are used throughout the following pages and in all types of data analysis.

Ratios & Percentages

Looking at a percentage is a very common technique, where we divide one number by another and multiply by 100 to get a percentage. For example, we do this with anchor text ratios, when we ask what percentage of your backlink anchor text is keyword rich:

(Keyword rich anchor text / total anchor text) x100 = Percentage of keyword rich anchor text

We can also look at dividing one metric by another, like dividing the organic revenue by the number of organic conversions. This would result in the average revenue per organic conversion.

This is a great way of creating some context around the numbers.


This is exemplified in using Excel, where you have a dropdown menu at the top of each column, allowing you to ‘filter’ out results.

This technique removes or isolates data that you either want to see or don’t want to see for any particular purpose. A good example, would be if you were analysing a blog on your site, you might filter out all pages not in the blog from a master list of all webpages.

Equally you can only look at data within a specified range, like only keywords that have a min and max search volume.

You can combine filters to show narrower subsets of the overall data, like filtering out keywords with less than X search volume and that you rank in the top 10 for. The more criteria you add to your filters, the smaller the dataset gets.


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