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Step 4.3: Attribution Modelling

Step 4.3: Attribution Modelling

Advanced SEO Concepts


This set of techniques looks at how we attribute value to our traffic.

You are no doubt aware that your site receives traffic from multiple sources, such as paid and social. If you have a multi-channel digital marketing strategy, SEO will be but one component of it.

Attribution modelling looks at how those channels work together to produce revenue or conversions.

If a user clicks on 3 organic listings before finally clicking one of your paid ads to convert… To which channel do we attribute the conversion or the value it delivered?

Before you stress too much, there are no absolute or ‘right’ answers to that question. It should provoke some thought though as it underpins the whole concept of attribution modelling.

Attribution Models

There are many of these but for the purpose of simplicity, at this stage it will do to know about the more popular ones.

Last Click

In the last click model we attribute all of the value to the last click before the conversion. This is commonly used and is almost ubiquitous within AdWords campaigns.

First Click

In the first click model we attribute all of the value to the first click before the conversion. This is not very popular.


This is a compromise allowing you to weight each of the click steps in the path to conversion. This is also consequently more complex to setup such that it delivers valuable data.


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