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Step 4.8: Content Strategies

Step 4.8: Content Strategies

Advanced SEO Concepts | Strategy & Planning


A content strategy is informed by the keyword research and / or keyword strategy while supporting the wider SEO strategy.

Although you might create content for reasons not driven by keywords, this is most typically not the case. A content strategy may be intrinsically linked to other components of SEO, for example; you will often provide URL structures and on-page SEO techniques to optimise that content as part of the content strategy.

Goals & Objectives

These are most commonly aligned with overall SEO strategy goals and objectives. For example, you may develop a content strategy that maps out a series of webpages to be created over time. The number created will likely be an objective that supports the goal of hitting rankings targets.

Often the conversion funnel and user journey data will help to inform your content strategy, mapping your content strategy components against them.


There are many tactics that you can implement within a content strategy. We have already mentioned the concepts of short, mid and long-term strategies. We have also discussed content clustering, holistic relevance a range of other concepts.

\However, there are yet more advanced techniques such as ‘consolidation’ that we haven’t yet covered.

Consolidating Content

A powerful tactic we can use in a content strategy is to consolidate multiple pages all ranking for very similar keywords. Combining these into one fully optimised page, with all others redirecting into it can provide a significant boost in rankings. This technique can also be used to ensure that the best page is the one ranking for a keyword.

Multi-Media Strategy

A multimedia strategy encompasses the content creation within a range of different media such as video, images, podcasts and text.


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