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Step 1.19: Content

Step 1.19: Content

Core Concepts | Search Engines | Relevance | Content


Content comes in various forms from video to text, but Google primarily use the text based content on a page to determine what that page is about. Images and videos typically need additional code and data around them for Google to read them effectively.

How Relevant is Your Content to Your Keywords?

When we are talking about relevance we are more often than not, talking about how relevant a page is to a keyword. If a page has a significant amount of content on it, and that content contains the target keyword, relevance is built between them.

By building a lot of pages that target a group of related keywords with good volumes of content; you can build a more holistic relevance between your site’s content in general and a topic.

Why Google Care So Much

Supporting text based content with other optimised content such as images and video, you can build even greater relevance. Building relevance is absolutely necessary because Google want to show the most relevant results to their users.

Google’s principle product is search results, if these results are irrelevant to their users, they will lose those users. Thus, it is vital that Google maintain highly relevant results.


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