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Step 2.37: Other Indexation Factors

Step 2.37: Other Indexation Factors

Basic Concepts | Indexation


We only cover these briefly here, but these components are also indexation factors. These do not have the same power, influence or control as the more direct indexation factors already mentioned.

XML Sitemap

The XML sitemap is useful for indexation, you should link to all canonical, indexable and crawlable pages from within this. Failing to link to a page or not having a sitemap will not directly result in pages not being indexed. Rather, using a XML sitemap properly simply assists in the process making it easier and more efficient.

Webmaster Tools

These are purpose built to help you submit your site for indexing, or specific pages, as well as having functionality to submit your XML sitemap. Moreover, these tools will help you to identify and understand any problems with the indexation of your site.

Again, the use or even incorrect use of these tools will not directly result in your site not being indexed. This do however, massively increase the speed and efficiency of the process.

Internal Linking

There are various components to this:

  • Using non-canonical URLs in links
  • Systematically linking to inaccessible content
  • Pages not being linked to at all
  • Pages only being linked to from old or archived pages and resources
  • Linking with nofollow tags

Any of the above can lead to indexation problems for specific pages or the whole site as well as affecting canonicalization and a bunch of other stuff. In some cases, this could lead to pages not being indexed; occurrences like these are rare and unlikely to arise just from internal linking problems.


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