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Step 1.11: Indexation

Step 1.11: Indexation

Core Concepts | Search Engines | Index & Indexation



This is the centralised location for all the data collected by the bots we described in the previous page.

Google’s index is essentially a large (really large) database of all / most pages on the internet. It is from this index that Google draw all the organic search result listings…


The process of finding the data and storing it, is called ‘indexation’.

As a topic however, indexation is a little more complicated, there are many factors that affect whether a page can or will be indexed by Google. We cover these components in more depth later in this guide in the section titled ‘on-page SEO components’.

A part of SEO is looking at indexation issues, identifying or resolving them and implementing measures to prevent them in the first place. This is because it is so important, an indexation problem can prevent an entire site from appearing in the organic SERPs.

The index and indexation does not pertain to SEM or paid listings.


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