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Step 1.8: Keyword Rankings

Step 1.8: Keyword Rankings

Core Concepts | The SERPs | Keyword Rankings / Organic Rankings


Otherwise known as ‘keyword rankings’ or ‘rankings’ when discussing multiple, and ‘keyword rank’ or ‘rank’ when discussing the singular.

In the singular, this refers to the position of your organic listing within the wider organic listings for a keyword.

For example; if your organic listing has two other organic listings above it, its keyword rank would be 3 or 3rd.

Keyword rankings are represented by numbers that correspond to the position of your organic listing within the organic SERPs.

Not Including Paid Listings

We do not include paid listings within this count, only organic listings. So, even if you had 4 paid ads above your organic listing but no other organic listings, you would have a keyword rank of 1.

This is important to note, as being in position 1 does not mean that you are at the top of the SERPs (at the top of Google).


Your keyword rankings will vary depending on a range of factors, most significantly:

  • By region
  • By device used to perform the search (mobile, tablet, computer)
  • Time of day
  • If the person searching is signed into Google

The last one on the list above refers to ‘personalisation’, which is where Google personalise the results you see based on your past activity. If you are signed into Google (Gmail for example), they will likely customise the results based on what you’ve searched for and clicked in before.

Rankings will also vary between search engines massively.


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