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Step 1.4: Keywords

Step 1.4: Keywords

Core Concepts | The SERPs | Keywords


Keywords are terms that people search for in Google or other Search Engines.

When someone types something into Google, this is often referred to as either a ‘search term’ or ‘search query’. Despite talking almost exclusively about SEO in terms of Google, there are other search engines, such as Bing. All search engines, are based upon the idea of a user making a query to the Search Engine with words.

Hence there are various phrases used in SEO that can all mean the same thing.

Although the word ‘keyword’ is frequently used as a synonym of search term or query, we typically define a keyword as a search term or query that you’re targeting. Although this is an in-house distinction, this is supported by aspects of various Google tools.

This is a minor distinction, some people will use keyword, search term, and search query interchangeably.


The two-primary metrics that describe keywords, which are pivotal understanding them are:

Search Volume

This represents the number of searches performed for a keyword, typically within a month. This will be represented by a number, this data is never 100% accurate, but provides indications of potential value.

The higher this number the more people are searching for this term, which means its more valuable.


This defines how competitive a keyword is, indicating how difficult it will be to rank well for it.


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