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Step 1.27: Off-Page SEO

Step 1.27: Off-Page SEO

Core Concepts | Search Engines | Optimisation | Off-Page


This refers to SEO components that are not on your site such as backlinks, and either the improvement (optimisation) of existing off-page entities or the acquisition of new ones.

There are many components to this work, which we will not cover just yet, for now, you just need to know that; you will not have the same level of control over these components compared to the on-page ones.

Moreover, there is a lot of data analysis involved in the mechanics of this process, while the implementation is conducted by PR, content and creative teams.

Backlink Acquisition

We covert this is greater detail in other Raptor guides, in this guide we are just trying to introduce the concepts. The concept of backlink acquisition is simple, the clue is in the name!

Also referred to as ‘link building’; this collection of processes and techniques are designed to build up the authority of your site in a natural and consistent way. The techniques help you to find potential and valuable sources for backlinks, and then acquire backlinks from those sources.

Potential Dangers

There are many pitfalls in this field of SEO, it’s also been exposed to significant gaming and manipulation over the years. Consequently, Google are quick to penalise sites that break their rules on acquiring backlinks.

Costly Process

Building authority takes time, resources and money, make no mistake this is a costly process. We cover the processes and techniques you can employ to achieve this in other guides, these are very involved requiring project management, creativity and PR skills.


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