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Step 1.21: Off-Page SEO Components

Step 1.21: Off-Page SEO Components

Core Concepts | Search Engines | Relevance | Off-Page SEO


These are things the algorithm looks at for every site and webpage in order to derive relevance between a page and a keyword. But these components are not located on your website, hence they exist ‘off-page’.


These components are less numerous than on-page SEO components. That said you will need some understanding of these components for this to make much sense. To alleviate some of this confusion, we need to quickly explain what a backlink is.

Anyone who has been on the internet has clicked a link (formally known as a hyperlink) at some point. When you click a link it typically opens a webpage in the current tab or a new tab on your internet browser.

Any link that points to another website is a called a ‘backlink’ or ‘back link’. When a website links to your website, the link is referred to as a ‘backlink’ for your site. There are other types of backlinks, but we cover them later in this guide.

Off-Page SEO Components

This is an exhaustive list of the different off-page components factoring into Google’s algorithm with regards to relevance:

  • Backlink anchor text
  • Backlink alt tag text
  • Page content surrounding backlinks
  • Website content surrounding backlinks
  • Social signals (to a small degree)

Principally, Google are looking for the usage of the keyword & synonyms of the keyword within these components. If are new to SEO, many of these components will not mean much to you. But rest assured, we cover all of them within this guide.

In fact, although you may not have heard of these things, you will more than likely be familiar with most them!

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    • Robots, Crawlers & Spiders
    • Indexation
    • Guidelines
    • Algorithm
  • Ranking Factors
    • Direct Ranking Factors
    • Indirect Ranking Factors
  • How Content is Ranked
  • Relevance
    • Content
    • On-Page SEO Components
    • Off-Page SEO Components <You are Here!
  • Authority
    • Backlinks
    • Social Media & Social Signals
  • Optimisation
    • On-Page SEO
    • Off-Page SEO
    • Over-Optimisation


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