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Step 1.36: Organic Conversions

Step 1.36: Organic Conversions

Core Concepts | Tracking Performance | Organic Conversions


Firstly, lets address what ‘conversions’ are: a conversion occurs when a user takes an action on your site or does something that you want them to do.

Types of Conversion

Typically, this is related to commercially valuable actions such as:

  • Filling out a contact form
  • Calling a phone number
  • Signing up
  • Adding a product to a cart
  • Making a purchase
  • Click a button or link

But conversions can also be things like:

  • Downloading a file
  • Visiting a specific page
  • Spending a certain amount of time on a page

Conversion Rates

This is rate at which users convert, if you have 100 people visit your site and 10 of them convert, you would have a 10% conversion rate.

This is a very good indicator of the value of the traffic you are attracting to your site. The aim of increasing organic traffic, should be tempered by targeting the right type of keywords. Keywords that are not relevant or commercially valuable to you will be less likely to convert.

Organic Conversions

These are simply the conversions that came from organic users / organic traffic. We can see when a conversion occurs, but we can also see what channel that came from whether is organic, social or paid for example.

You can segment conversion data by channel, so you can for example, compare the conversion rates of your organic traffic to your social media traffic.


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