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Step 1.34: Organic Traffic

Step 1.34: Organic Traffic

Core Concepts | Tracking Performance | Organic Traffic


We touched on this in the last step of this guide, this metric is one of the most popular, fundamental and relevant to SEO. More than just a metric, organic traffic are the fruits of your SEO labours.

There are a range of metrics that describe the behaviour of this traffic and there should be strong correlations between your keyword rankings and your organic traffic. This is often the measure of success for an SEO campaign.

Splitting Organic Traffic Out

Although top-level views are great and have their place, you will usually split out organic traffic and look at how it performs in relation to other channels.

Organic traffic and paid social traffic will often have very different values for the metrics that describe them.

Organic Traffic Over Time

This is more often how you look at traffic data, over time. Over a long enough period, you can begin to see and account for trends, seasonality and anomalies in the data.

In general, or at least as a trend, you want to be increasing your organic traffic over time.

Main Organic Traffic Metrics

The primary metrics used to describe organic traffic (or any traffic):

Users (People)

This typically refers to individuals visiting your site, they are referred to collectively as ‘users’.


A session is a collection of activities performed by users during an unbroken ‘session’ or period of site usage. A user may visit your site multiple times, therefore a ‘user’ may have multiple ‘sessions’ associated with them.

This metric represents he number of visits that your site has received but not the number of people that visited it.


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