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Step 3.1: Recommendations & Insights

Step 3.1: Recommendations & Insights

Intermediate SEO Concepts


Almost all the time, when doing SEO then end result or the output of your work is a set of recommendations and / or insights.

These may be sent in an email or delivered in a face-to-face presentation. But even if you are implementing these items yourself, you still need to derive them from the data.


Recommendations are specific instructions created to resolve a problem or improve optimisation, in most cases. They are most commonly seen in audits of any kind.

This was one of the biggest individual jobs that we did when setting up Raptor… We created a definitive list of all recommendations you could make in each area of SEO… Or at least all of the ones that could be checked and analysed by a machine!

Recommendations form the backbone of most reports and audits that a digital marketing agency or SEO freelancers provide to their clients. Even when working in-house, recommendations are sent to developers or content writers or PR.


Insights are what separate the light from the heavy weights in SEO. Anyone can write ‘your traffic has increased in line with improvements in rankings’… But that is not an insight, but rather a description of the data.

Insights are things you didn’t know in the first place or things which were either proven or disproved during your analysis.

An insight doesn’t have to be complex, but it does need to be derived from the data and your analysis of it. A good example would be if; you took a snapshot of a site and its competitors and your analysis of this showed that the biggest area of opportunity was a subset of keywords.
The insight might be the answer to a question, like why did our traffic drop in March or what where should be focus our resources.


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