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Step 1.33: SEO Metrics

Step 1.33: SEO Metrics

Core Concepts | Tracking Performance | SEO Metrics & Data


Metrics: “a system or standard of measurement”

There are many metrics unique to SEO and / or Digital Marketing in general, we cover the specifics of these later in this guide. Conceptually, metrics describe attributes or behaviours, for example; ‘organic traffic’ is a metric that describes the amount of people visiting your site from the organic SERPs.

Metrics are quantified and represented mathematically, meaning that they are numbers or percentages. Metrics could be as the language of SEO.
To understand anything about the impact of SEO, the success of it, or to plan, strategize or make informed decisions; you will need to understand what metrics are, what they mean in real terms and how to read them.

Data Tells a Story

Your job is to find out what that story is. Data is a mathematical narrative that just needs to be translated into words. Once we know the plot of the story, who the characters are, the true nature of the story is revealed to us.

There are many analytical devices and techniques, that we can use to interrogate the data, helping to get the story out of it.

Google Analytics

Due to the ubiquitous usage of Google Analytics, we almost always use their terminology when discussing metrics and data related to performance or engagement.


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