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Step 4.5: Strategy & Planning

Step 4.5: Strategy & Planning

Advanced SEO Concepts | Strategy & Planning


In this, the final part, of our beginner’s guide to SEO we introduce the final advanced concepts. These all focus around strategy, as it is strategy that will ultimately define what you do, why you do it and when it should be done.

We cover the following strategy concepts within this section:

  • SEO Strategy
  • Keyword Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Backlink Strategy

What is a Strategy?

In short, a strategy is a goal driven plan informed by data, research and analysis. ‘In long’, strategies often have the following components:


Typically, there will be just one principle goal of a strategy to enable maximum focus on the most important aspect. More often than not this is driving revenue or profit or some other bottom-line metric.


These are secondary goals like increasing traffic or the conversion rate, these objects are designed to support the principle strategic goal. For example, you might aim to increase rankings on head commercial terms to increase valuable organic traffic. This is designed to support the goal of increasing organic revenue.


These are the mechanisms through which you will achieve your objectives. So, you might use the tactic of optimising your site more effectively for its target keywords.

Tactics can also be split into macro-tactics (like the one just mentioned) or micro-tactics, where you might have specific (granular) tactics. To continue the theme of the example; a micro-tactic could be to optimise your internal linking structure to deliver more authority to your most valuable pages.


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