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Step 1.31: Tracking Performance

Step 1.31: Tracking Performance

Core Concepts | Tracking Performance


Being able to track the performance or success of your SEO campaigns is one of the most significant leaps the marketing industry has made. This is also one of the benefits of SEO that really set it apart from older marketing techniques.

The ability to track and monitor, forecast, measure and analyse SEO data is growing constantly. This is only rivalled by other forms of digital marketing in terms of the availability of data and its granularity.

We have already mentioned things like Keyword Rankings, these are a classic example of performance data that you will need to track.

SEO Software

You will need SEO software to track anything, there are many tools out there, some are free and ubiquitous such as ‘Google Analytics’, others are paid tools. You will almost certainly need a combination of free and paid tools to effectively track your SEO performance.

Why This is Important

This is hugely important, because with tracking you are enabled to demonstrate ROI (Return on Investment) for your SEO activities. As you will see in the following steps of this guide, the ability to demonstrate the value in SEO plays a huge role in its success.

You can use this data to help inform your decisions, guide your strategies and identify opportunities. This data underpins a huge amount of the work that an SEO does.


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