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Step 2.27: Trust or Quality

Step 2.27: Trust or Quality

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The trust and quality of your backlink profile is very important for your SEO.

These two components have already been introduced in our ‘SEO Core Components’ section. We expand on these components in the coming chapters of this guide, where we provide procedures and processes for analysing this type of data.

Trust Metrics

As with most things in life and in SEO, things should be seen as a spectrum rather than a polarised or binary system. Most Trust metrics are based on a logarithmic scale of 0-100. As such you can assess the overall trust of your backlink profile with multiple data points.

You will need to pay for a tool in order to see this data, Raptor can assist with this by providing you with all of the data you need!

Link Neighbourhood

Poor quality sites tend to link out to and be linked from low quality sites. Ensure that your site links to trustworthy sites, and that you are linked to by trustworthy sites.


Although this is tied to trust, we split it out because it more often requires a more manual approach to analysis. Trust metrics can be incredibly useful, but sites that have a very small digital footprint may be seen as low Trust, but may not be low quality.

Quality should be addressed in the following ways:

  • Quality of the content on the pages and wider websites linking to yours
  • Quality of the link (is it natural, does it make sense to be there, etc)
  • Is the linking page or site spam full of ads?
  • Does the linking site or page provide any value to the user?
  • Is the link there simply to provide your site with more authority?


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