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Alec Sharratt

12th March 2019

Company Updates

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Broken Link Report Now Available!

In our first update since launching our Web Crawler last month, we have now added the broken link report. This is downloadable, after a crawl has completed, from the reporting page and available on free trials.

The first step in fixing broken links, is finding broken links on a site. To do this you will need a web crawler to crawl all the links on a site and to check the status or response codes of each link. Any links that return an error such as '404 page not found' need to be identified and the link locations logged.

Our web crawler can now produce a simple but effective broken link report for any site, you can see instructions on how to do this below.

Simply click 'build links report' (see image below) and wait for the report to be generated.

The build broken link button of Raptor Digital Marketing tools web crawler.

This often takes only a few seconds but can take longer on larger sites.

Building a broken link report in Raptor Digital Marketing tools web crawler.

Once the build is finished, you can download the report by clicking the download button (see screenshot below).

Download a broken link report in Raptor Digital Marketing tools web crawler.

This will download the file to your ‘Downloads’ folder. Open the file with Excel or similar program to view the data. In the spreadsheet there are three tabs:

  • 4xx Errors
  • 5xx Errors
  • Redirects

These tabs delineate the links that return any of the above errors and what pages they are located on, allowing you to use this data to fix the broken links. You can also use this data to identify the location of any redirected links.

In the screenshot of the broken link report below, you can see that column A contains the broken links identified during the crawl. Column C shows the locations on the site where the broken link is located. Column B shows you the status code returned by the broken link (shown in column A).

Example of a broken link report in Raptor Digital Marketing tools web crawler.

This report will include broken links to any resource that we crawl, including images, HTML pages and other file types.

With the free trial Raptor is currently offering, you can produce a broken link report for any site with less than 5,000 URLs.