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Content Audit Tool

Raptor helps your business increase online sales, revenue and profits through effective SEO.

Content takes a load of forms and Raptor looks at them all in one way or another. More than your average crawler, we provide both more granular insights about page content and meta data about your website content.

What We Do


The Basics

Raptor will identify spelling mistakes and grammatical errors as well as providing readability data about each page.


We look at the uniqueness of your content… On any site there is potential for a lot of non-unique content on each page. By this we mean things like:

  • Footer text
  • Menu / navigation text
  • Templated regions containing text
  • Compulsory legal disclaimers and text


Raptor looks at this as a group and can provide data around how much unique or duplicated content is on each page. Once you remove such templated text from a page’s word count, you can find that a page doesn’t have as much content as you thought.

Duplicate Content

There are many types of duplicate content out there, we look at and address all of them:

  • Canonical duplication
  • Internal website duplicate content
  • External content duplication


This can help to defend against plagiarism, both intentional or otherwise.

Data Segmentation

With minimal input from you, we can segment your data in a number of ways. We can always look at things like the average words per page, but more importantly we can segment this by things like your blog or product pages.
We also look at word counts and the distribution of this using a series of charts and analytical techniques to help provide insights and actionable recommendations.
Segmenting the data in this way provides a more granular image of your site’s content distribution.

Sematic Indicators

Using a range of algorithms and analysis techniques we can determine a variety of semantic indicators such as sentiment analysis. We show this as a distribution and score across your site.

Optimisation for Target Keywords

We can try and determine what keywords your content is targeting or you can tell us and we will score each page; providing specific bespoke recommendations and a score to help guide you in the right direction.

HTML to Text Ratio

Otherwise known as the code to text ratio, we will provide this for each page.

Competitive Benchmarks

Because we always allow you to track competitors in Raptor, we can provide competitive data for every component mentioned above. Helping you to create, measure and understand competitive benchmarks with regards to your content.

How much content do you need? How many pages? Raptor can help to address these questions in a structured, logical and largely automated fashion.


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