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Keyword Research Tools

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Keyword Research

This is one of those tasks that can take a long time and is typically very process driven. Raptor mitigates a significant amount of time in this process by automating it.
Not everything can be fully automated but we can certainly do a large portion of the work for you!

We can automate all of the following:

  • Downloading keywords from Google Keyword Tool based on a seed keyword list
  • De-duplicate the downloaded list
  • Remove 0 search volume keywords from downloaded list
  • Remove irrelevant terms from the list
  • Pull in additional data for the keywords
    • Ranking data
    • Keyword difficulty
  • The top 10 ranked sites for each keyword
    • Backlinks to the ranked page
    • Backlinks to the ranked domain
    • Authority metrics (for page and domain)
    • Trust metrics (for page and domain)
    • Word count of ranked page
    • SEO score of ranked page
    • Technical SEO score for ranked page
  • Prioritise and score keywords based on data with our proprietary scoring system Raptor Rank (RR)
  • Categorise keywords (see below section on this)
  • Produce complete meta-analysis of the data in a customisable report
  • Create groups and nested groups of keywords that you want to target
  • Map keywords to pages on your site

This process driven approach puts the data you need at your fingertips, and because we use robust databases rather than spreadsheets; this is far more scalable. Consequently, you can deal with much larger data sets, much more efficiently and quickly than ever before.

Keyword Categorisation

A significant part of this is our keyword categorisation tool that can make categorising keywords a breeze. Doing this allows for a much more interesting meta-analysis of the data, clearly showing you where the best opportunities are in terms of groups of keywords.

You can also use this tool to remove keywords from the list that are irrelevant, boiling it down to just the good stuff in minutes!

Raptor also analyses the keyword data and provides suggestions based patterns our machine learning algorithms have detected.

We also provide some very comprehensive lists of keywords that you might want to exclude, such as words related to:

  • Jobs and careers
  • Adult terms
  • Illicit terms
  • Drugs
  • Dates
  • Celebrities
  • Regions
  • Languages
  • Manufacturers
  • Brands
  • Gambling
  • Spam

At the click of a button you can remove any keyword from your list that contains any terms related to the above (which is not an exhaustive list).

This is a powerful tool not only because it can save huge amounts of time, but ultimately it provides you with a very clear big picture perspective of the keywords you are reviewing.

Raptor’s Keyword Research SEO Tools

Raptor’s Keyword Research tool will be released for Beta later this year, this SEO tool has a huge range of features to help Digital Agencies and Freelancers as well as businesses with website migrations.

Click the link to read more about this, or sign up today and get Beta access to Raptor in late 2017, plus get 2 months’ free full usage when we launch in early 2018.

This module is part of Raptor's SEO Tools suite, which you can read more about, by clicking the link.


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