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Page Speed Tool



The speed at which a webpage loads has a hugely significant impact on the user experience, studies suggest that users will click away after a few seconds of waiting for a page to load. This is bad for everyone involved, including Google who sent the user there. Consequently, Google weights page speed as a very strong organic ranking factor.

Raptor addresses this with a comprehensive page speed analysis tool. The tool currently performs all of the below functions in a process driven interactive environment.

All of the Tracking!

We track all of the webpages on your site, regularly. This allows us to get a much better idea of how your site performs and when it is at its slowest.

We check for both category failures and performance failures on every page (where relevant to do so). This gives you a complete breakdown of every page component, request and file that is needed to fully load a page.

Top-level and deep dive data & analytics

We intelligently group your site based on its various structures to provide aggregated data, we also have functionality to allow you to easily label your sites pages. Both of these features provide a hierarchy of data that allows you to see everything from the top to the lowest level.

Track competitors

We also track your competitors and use their data to benchmark against yours, helping to create strategic goals and insights to advance your organic performance.

Custom recommendations

As with all of our tools, we designed them to support you end-to-end and as such we provide recommendations based on the analysis our algorithms perform. We pride ourselves on delivering quality actionable insights, and our page speed tool is no exception!

Reporting to PowerPoint and Excel

Use or customise Raptor’s reporting templates to quickly and easily produce high quality presentations or granular instructions for a web developer. Whether its auditing, analysis or monthly reports, Raptor can help!

Email and text notifications if we detect problems

If we detect that the site has suddenly or gradually slowed down significantly we can send you notifications. We also provide this for a range of other issues.

Waterfall charts

See beautifully presented and easily exportable waterfall charts revealing every detail of your sites components broken down across a timeline.

Our page speed analysis tool is designed to provide you with all the data & recommendations you need to optimise the speed of your website. These recommendations come from an SEO perspective and as such can integrate with other data sources for deeper analysis.

Raptor’s Off-Page SEO Tools

Raptor’s SEO software will be released for Beta later this year, this SEO tool has a huge range of features specific to page speed analysis and SEO.

Click the link to read more about this, or sign up today and get Beta access to Raptor in late 2017, plus get 2 months’ free full usage when we launch in early 2018.

This module is part of Raptor's SEO Tools suite, which you can read more about, by clicking the link.


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