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PPC Account Management Services



PPC Account Management Services

Unlike PPC audits, account management is the regular management of an account whether this is for a short period such as a few weeks or a longer period such as months or years. PPC accounts need to be effectively managed, this is either done in house or with external suppliers. We have worked with dozens of businesses over the years and in a range of different capacities.

Whether you would like us to manage an AdWords account for a month or two while you seek to employ a fulltime member of staff or on a more permanent basis, we are here to help.


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What’s Involved in PPC Management

As with audits and much of the work in PPC, there is no template for PPC account management. The needs of our clients, budgets and the nature of the account determine what work will be done. That said, there are many jobs which we find are almost ubiquitous across our clients, we have detailed some of these below.


Bid Management

Managing bids is often the most significant and complex aspects of PPC work, you only need to read some of the dozens of guides we have on this site to see how much there is to it. Bid management is used to ensure the visibility of head terms, enable you to hit CPA (Cost per Acquisition) targets or ROI (Return on Investment) targets.


Search Term Reviews

We regularly review search terms to both identify new opportunities and to highlight irrelevant terms that should be added as negative keywords. Keywords that present viable opportunities for future account expansion can be added to existing ad groups or we can build new ones.

This process can be used to expand accounts over time, growing them slowly and naturally rather than making large sweeping changes.


Structural Changes Over Time

Often there are so many recommendations that need to be implemented in an account, that managing this process over time is more affordable to smaller clients. Integrating audit recommendations and implementing these structural changes on a monthly basis spreads out the cost.

Even for large accounts with hundreds of campaigns and thousands of ad groups, implementing changes over time can mitigate the risks of doing one big overhaul. This also allows for time to test and collect data, ensuring that the positive impacts are maximised while minimising the negative impacts.

Changes can also be rolled out in a priority order, performing upgrades or building new ads out for the higher performing campaigns first.


Ads - Split Testing / MVT (Multi-Variant Testing)

Running multiple ad copy variants against each other and applying mathematical analysis tools like statistical significance to the data allows us to continually optimise for conversion rate and other key metrics. This process never ends, as your ads can always be improved, and performance metrics optimised for.


Updating Components to Utilise New Features

All online advertising platforms update their software regularly, sometimes these changes are minor, cosmetic or exist behind the scenes. However, many of these updates add fields or features that should be immediately taken advantage of as they provide new opportunities or advantages. Some updates require you to make changes as old features are retired in favour of new ones.

Keeping on top of this ever-shifting landscape is one of the jobs that we manage so that you don’t have to. Rest assured, if there is a new feature that we can take advantage of to allow us to show off better results to our clients, we will.


Supporting Your Business Through New Initiatives

Businesses are not static, every month or year new products, services, price changes, USPs, features, and events occur that require support from the online marketing. We create new campaigns to support the growing needs of your business.



Reporting is a hugely important aspect to ensuring visibility over the work we are doing, both in terms of informing our clients as to what we have done, but also the performance this has resulted in. Our reports are clear, easy to read and tie both work and performance together.


What Will It Cost

We charge a standard hourly rate of $75 USD / $110 AUD / £60 GBP (+VAT where applicable), the number of hours required will depend on the size of the account, your budget and what you need. All costs and hours will be agreed before any work begins, there are no hidden costs.


How Do We Get Started

If you are interested in getting a PPC audit or would like to engage into a conversation with us about your needs, please fill in the form below and we will be in touch shortly.



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