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PPC (Pay Per Click) Account Restructure



PPC (Pay Per Click) Account Restructure

Restructuring a PPC account is often a big job that amounts to a complete overhaul ad can be performed in several different ways and for many reasons.


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What Is a PPC Account Restructure

An account restructure is where we essentially rebuild an account (such as an AdWords account) from the ground up. This includes making new campaigns and ad groups, moving, removing and adding keywords and can also include an overhaul of ad copy. A restructure can only be performed on an existing account, otherwise you would be performing a new account build.


How Do We Perform a PPC Account Restructure

There are various stages to this process, often the recommendation will come from an initial review of the account, which has determined that the account structure is not good.

We will perform a more in-depth review of the account, finding the components that work (if any) and compiling a list of recommendations that need to be present in the new structure. We also work closely with the client to ensure that we understand their needs and objectives as well as things like budgets.

We then look at the products and services of the business, perform keyword & market research and decide upon a specific strategy for the new structure.

Once all of this work is complete, we begin to build the new account. This will often involve keeping some components of the existing account. At each step of the process, we liaise with the client to ensure that they are happy with the new ad copy and keywords as well as budgets and goals.

The new structure will often be uploaded in one go, pausing or deleting old campaigns at the same time as the new ones are added.


When Should You Perform a PPC Account Restructure

Most often than not a PPC account restructure is performed when an account has a poor structure or one that no longer reflects site architecture, business needs, best practices or is simply not performing.

This is a big decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly, moving or changing ads can affect their historical data and QS (Quality Score), so there can be short term negative impacts to this process. That said, the mid to long term affects are positive and should outweigh the negative impacts.

You should perform an account restructure when an account requires one, if you are not able to get the performance out of it or are suffering systemic issues resulting from the existing structure.


PPC Account Structures

There are various ways in which an account can be structured, and different layers at which they are structures.

For example, one of the most common types of campaign structure is to segment ‘broad match modifier’ and ‘exact match’ campaigns. This allows for expansion opportunities but prevents the randomness of pure broad match keywords from triggering irrelevant terms. It also allows for exact match terms to be targeted with highly relevant ad copy.

Campaigns can also be structured based on product category, with ad groups being structured based on the variants within that category. This structure can be used in conjunction with the match type structure.

Ad groups can also often benefit from a matrix structure, for example, there may be many products and sales terms:

  • Shoes
  • Red Shoes
  • Blue Shoes
  • Cheap
  • Designer

These can the be combined using the matrix format to create the following ad group structure:

  • Shoes
  • Cheap shoes
  • Designer Shoes
  • Red Shoes
  • Cheap Red shoes
  • Designer Red Shoes


  • Blue Shoes
  • Cheap Blue shoes
  • Designer Blue Shoes

This logical structure allows for complete coverage over a range of keywords and ensures that all variants that are relevant to the business are covered. This allows for easy expansion, clear and detailed reporting and also effective management.

These are just a couple of examples, but any logical structure that reflects the products, site architecture and the needs of the business while adhering to best practices should deliver results.


What Will It Cost

We charge a standard hourly rate of $75 USD / $110 AUD / £60 GBP (+VAT where applicable), the number of hours required will depend on the size of the account, your budget and what you need. All costs and hours will be agreed before any work begins, there are no hidden costs.


How Do We Get Started

If you are interested in getting a PPC audit or would like to engage into a conversation with us about your needs, please fill in the form below and we will be in touch shortly.


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