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PPC Keyword Research



PPC Keyword Research

At Raptor we provide a range of PPC services, including keyword research which is used to help clients find the most valuable keywords for their PPC strategy.


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Why is PPC keyword Research So Important

Keyword research is the process of finding keywords that would feed into the different stages of the conversion funnel and meet the objectives of both your business and online marketing strategy. Typically, this means finding keywords that will deliver conversions, online sales, revenue and profit.


What is Involved in Keyword Research

We do not just produce a list of keywords; we provide a complete meta-analysis of those keywords to identify the areas of biggest opportunity. In order to do this, we follow the following process:


Step 1: Seed Keywords

Seed keywords can be generated from a crawl of a website, various tools that analyse a website and provide suggested keywords and from the client. Once collated these keywords are expanded to include variants and a unique list sent to the client for review.


Step 2: Extract Keywords from Keyword Planner

Once the seed keyword list is approved by the client, we use Google Keyword Planner and other similar tool to create a much broader list of suggested terms. If the client has an active AdWords account, we will use this for the research so that we can pull out other relevant metrics. These terms will have data associated with them such as:

  • Suggested CPC data
  • Search volume
  • Competition or keyword difficulty scores
  • Impression Share
  • Currently in account


Step 3: Reduce List

Once step 2 is complete we then aggregate the suggested terms and associated data into a single list of unique terms (removing duplicates). We also remove other terms from the list based on the data provided, such as low value terms or irrelevant terms.


Step 4: Collect Ranking Data

Once the list of terms has been reduced to just those terms that have some potential interest, we collect ranking data for those terms to see where the client sites appears organically for each term.


Step 5: Collect Existing PPC Data (If Available)

If there is AdWords data available for these terms, we will pull this into the mix, highlighting any terms that are in the account and their match type. Specifically, we are looking for the following data:

  • QS (Quality Score)
  • Conversion & revenue data
  • CTR (Click Through Rate)
  • Average position
  • Clicks
  • Impressions


Step 6: Categorise and Label Keywords

Once all data has been pulled into the mix, we then label each keyword under different categories. The simplest of these would be a binary condition, such as brand vs non-brand, where every keyword would be labelled as one or the other. We may include a competitor category, with the competitor name as the label.

The number of categories or labels will depend on the nature of keywords, the themes and patterns we identify within them. Common categories would include things like ‘commercial value’ containing labels such as ‘price’ or ‘cost’, where the keyword contains terms such as those.

During this process we also weed out any other terms that are not relevant, often these are terms that end up with very few labels.


Step 7: Perform Meta-Analysis & Conversion Funnel Analysis of Keywords

With every keyword having at least two labels within two categories, we then provide an overview analysis of the amount of search volume or average suggested bid within each category and for each label.

This allows us to see the areas with the highest and lowest opportunity, for example; keywords for which the client site does not rank for organically, that have high search volume and affordable CPCs would be a high opportunity section.

Using charts and other visualisation tools we provide a comprehensive analysis of the keyword landscape in terms of all the data aggregated in earlier steps. This gets put into the steps of a conversion funnel for your business and informs the decisions on what keywords should be targeted in the following step.


Step 8: Provide Recommendations for Specific Target Keywords

Based on the analysis from the previous step, the final part of this process is to select sets of keywords that should be targeted as part of your online paid marketing strategy.


What Will It Cost

We charge a standard hourly rate of $75 USD / $110 AUD / £60 GBP (+VAT where applicable), the number of hours required will depend on the size of the account, your budget and what you need. All costs and hours will be agreed before any work begins, there are no hidden costs.


How Do We Get Started

If you are interested in getting a PPC audit or would like to engage into a conversation with us about your needs, please fill in the form below and we will be in touch shortly.



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