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Active View Viewable Impressions

Active View Viewable Impressions



*Campaigns using CPM bidding work differently to almost all other bidding types, as such they have their own metrics. These can only be used on the Display Network and is typically used with CPM bidding. The hosting website has to have enabled ‘Active View’ for your ads to collate this data.

Active View Viewable Impressions

Quick Description = This shows the amount of viewable impressions that have been served and billed

Referred to as = Active View viewable impr.

The metric ‘Active View viewable impressions‘ shows you how many times your ad has become viewable on a Display Network website.
Active View viewable impressions are counted only when 50% of the ad (at least half of the ad is viewable) shows for at least one second. Hence the word ‘viewable’ is used, even if a webpage loads with your ad on it, and the ad has to be viewable to be counted here.

The exception to this is ‘large ads’, that exceed 242K pixels, at least 30% of the ads pixels much be viewable to quality as an ‘Active View viewable impression’. This metric is useful to both advertisers and publishers, as both want either to buy or sell viewable impressions.

Un-viewable impressions (which are included within ‘eligible impressions’) can be misleading as they do not represent the amount of times people have had the chance to see your ad.

This is represented by a whole number.

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