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AdWords Editor

AdWords Editor



AdWords Basics - AdWords Editor

There are two ways to manage your AdWords account, either you use the online tool at or you use the offline tool called ‘AdWords Editor’. This guide is a beginners guide to AdWords Editor; we only cursorily cover components of the tool here. Fuller more detailed description of nearly all components detailed here is provided in other guides.

Download AdWords Editor

You can download AdWords Editor for either Windows or Mac from the following URL:

Why Use AdWords Editor

There are a number of reasons to use AdWords Editor when building, managing or working on AdWords accounts. We typically use the online version when looking at metrics / data, versus using Editor when making changes to the account. Both versions provide distinct advantages under specific circumstances and are intended to make our life, as an account manager, easier.

The latest version of AdWords (Version 11.2.3 at the time of writing) has come under some heavy criticism from users as its radically different layout and interface from the previous and well-established version upset a lot of people. There are also technical features that we find more cumbersome in this version than the previous, but also some features that we like more. This article doesn’t address this, but rather provides a guide to the only version currently available for usage.

We have detailed the main reasons to use AdWords Editor below and the advantages that it brings:

No Live Editing

Working offline is always useful because you can make mistakes without it affecting the account (so long as changes are not posted). This provides for a safe work environment that allows you to work within free from any real consequences.

This is vital when building an account, changes made in the live account are all visible within the account ‘change history’. Thus if you are working in a client’s account, you may not want to ‘show your workings’ so to speak.

Approval and Review

Depending on whether you work in house, agency-side, or within a team in either… You may need to get work approved or reviewed before publishing your changes. Editor provides plenty of functionality to support collaborative working whereas the online version does not.


Because Editor downloads account data and you work with this offline, the overall usage of the tool is much faster and more efficient than working online. You do not have to wait for the webpage to load to see one set of data and then wait for another to load to see another. This makes workflow faster and more efficient.


Although both tools use filters to show desired and specified data, the offline tool requires less load time and is overall less glitchy.

Purpose Built For Editing

As the name suggests ‘AdWords Editor’ is designed specifically for editing your account, as such it is the most common method for making changes. Even if you prefer working in a spreadsheet, you can upload those changes to editor and then to the account. Hence depending on how you build accounts and manage them you find that AdWords Editor enables you to do so in a number of ways.


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