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All Conversions

All Conversions


*A conversion is when a user performs a desired action (being tracked) on your website. This could be buying a product, downloading a file, clicking a link or any other desired action. Typically, conversions are linked either directly or indirectly to revenue.

Conversion tracking needs to be setup to see conversion data in AdWords.

All Conversions

Quick Description = The total number of Conversions (Includes additional data to ‘conversions’)
Referred to as = All Conv.

Relatively new to AdWords at the time of writing, the ‘All Conversions’ column shows all the conversions from the ‘conversions’ column as well as additional conversion data. It combines this with the following other conversions, which are typically harder to track:

  • Phone calls
  • Store visits
  • In-app conversions
  • Cross device conversions
  • Any conversions not tracked in the ‘conversions’ column

This can provide a more detailed view but is only generally applicable for certain accounts where these additional conversions are either tracked or important.

All Conversions Vs. Conversions

‘Conversions’ differ from ‘All Conversions’ in that they do not include the above list of conversion types. So if you are tracking these, you will need to use the ‘All Conversions’ metric to see all of your relevant conversion data.

All Conversions Vs. Converted Clicks

‘All Conversions’ essentially equate to the collective purchases (conversions) of all customers / users; whereas a converted click is basically a unique customer. A good analogy of this would be a customer in a supermarket that buys 4 bananas... This would be the equivalent of 4 ‘All Conversions’ but only 1 converted click.

To use an example in AdWords; if we imagine a campaign that received 40 Conversions, 5 phone calls and 300 Clicks, but it is the case that all 40 of those conversions came from just 30 Clicks (ignoring phone conversions) ... we would have 45 ‘All Conversions’, 40 conversions and just 30 Converted Clicks.

Consequently, this metric is used a lot in reporting.

Reporting & Analysis

This metric can be added easily to any report by clicking the ‘columns’ drop down menu and selecting ‘all conversions’ from the ‘conversions’ menu (see image below):

All Conversions

You may also want to segment conversion data by device and network to identify how well each of those components of the account are performing in terms of conversion numbers.

Conversion Values

Many website owners have multiple conversion types on a site such as; downloads, sales, lead generation, collecting user information, requesting a quote, calling a phone number, etc. Each of these has a different value even if the value is not hard and fast like the value of a phone call... It is typically beneficial to attribute a value to the conversion in AdWords.

Having a value allows us to optimise for different goals such as a cost per conversion.

More Information

For more information about conversions in general, please see our guide to Conversions. If you liked this guide on All conversions, you may also be interested in the following guides on related topics:

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