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Average CPV (Cost Per View)

Average CPV (Cost Per View)



Average CPV (Cost Per View)

Quick Description = The average cost of a View

Calculation: Total Cost of all Views / Views

Referred to as = Avg. CPV

Represented by a currency value, this metric is not to be confused with the Max CPV, which is what you are prepared to pay for a View. Cost Per View only applies to TrueView video campaigns using YouTube TrueView Video ads. Selecting a YouTube campaign will load a screen that includes this metric by default.

How Views Work

A ‘view’ differs from an impression and is calculated in a unique way to many other metrics. To qualify as a view, either of the following criteria must be met:

  • The viewer watched 30 seconds of the video ad
  • The viewer watched the whole video ad


Maximum CPV (Cost Per View) is a bid amount similar to CPC (Cost Per Click) and defines the upper limit to what you are prepared to pay for a View. Google can exceed the Max. CPV but the average will typically be less than the Max. CPV you define.

Avg. CPV

The Avg. CPV (Average Cost Per Click) is the metric you will see in AdWords. This metric is similar to the Avg. CPC and is calculated in the exact same way. Reducing the Avg. CPV will help to reach more people with the same budget or ad spend.

This metric averages out the cost of a View over all views. For example; if you have paid $500 for views and you received 100 views, we would calculate the CPV like this:
$500 / 100 = $5 CPV

The cost per view will vary depending on the form of targeting being used in the ad group, different demographics or audiences will cost more than others. So, looking at just the top-level Avg. CPV for a campaign with numerous ads and placements only tells the beginning of the story.

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