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Avg. CPP (Average Cost-Per-Phone Call)

Avg. CPP (Average Cost-Per-Phone Call)



*If you use call extensions or call forwarding number enabled in AdWords, you will be able to take advantage of these metrics. Google Forwarding number service allows you to track and report on calls made through your call extensions and call only ads.

Avg. CPP (Average Cost-Per-Phone Call)

Quick Description = The average cost of all phone calls that you have been charged for

Calculation: Phone Cost / Phone Calls

Referred to as = Avg. CPP

Similar to Avg. CPC, this metric shows you on average how much you are paying for phone calls from call extensions using Google’s forwarding number. Call data is only available at the campaign level as Google forwarding numbers are applied to the campaign level only.

How Avg. CPP Works

The average cost per phone call is very similar to Avg. CPC (Average Cost Per Click) and is calculated in the same way… By dividing the Phone Cost by the number of Phone Calls.

For example, for the sake of simplicity if you received 10 calls at a total ‘phone cost’ of $10, the Avg. CPC would be $1 (per call).

Free Vs. Paid CPP

Free calls aren’t technically free… they are call ad extensions and they appear on high-end mobile devices such as iPhones, they are free in that you do not pay to have the ad extension show. However, you will be billed as per your CPC bid when someone calls the Google Forwarding number.

CPP Bidding

Google will provide a forwarding number for use on Tablets and Desktop devices at the minimum cost of $1 per phone call. You will need to have met the following criteria to use CPP bidding:

  • Minimum 25 calls in the last 30 days
  • The 25 calls cannot include duplicates and must be a reasonable length

Google Forwarding Number

Google provide the functionality to show a phone number (created by Google) on your ads, these redirect to your business number. Because they pass through Google’s exchange first, they can report on this within AdWords.

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