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Converted Clicks

No Longer Used


*A conversion is when a user performs a desired action (being tracked) on your website. This could be buying a product, downloading a file, clicking a link or any other desired action. Typically, conversions are linked either directly or indirectly to revenue.

**Conversion tracking needs to be setup to see conversion data in AdWords.

Converted Clicks

Quick Description = The number of Clicks that resulted in a Conversion (or multiple Conversions)

Referred to as = Converted clicks

Often confused with ‘conversions’ or ‘total conversions’, this metric does not refer to the total number of conversions… but rather the total number of Clicks that resulted in a Conversion. A converted Click essentially equates to a unique customer.

Typically there is  a 30 day window in which a conversion can take place after a Click and still be attributed to the click / source. So someone who converts on your site after clicking one of your ads and then comes back a week later to make another purchase will be included in the last click. Or if a user comes to your site through an ad and does not convert but comes back a week later to make the purchase, that original click can still be counted as the converted click.


Converted Clicks were previously referred to as Conversions (One-Per-Click) whereas what we now call Conversions were referred to as ‘Conversion (Many-Per-Click). This naming convention was changed in 2014 and now we have converted clicks and conversions. This makes more sense grammatically and also seems more descriptive.

A Converted Click being any click that resulted in one or more conversions.

Converted Clicks Vs. Conversions

Where a converted Click essentially equates to a unique customer, conversions essentially equate to the collective purchases of all customers. A good analogy of this would be a customer in a grocery store that buys 3 apples... This would be the equivalent of 3 conversions but only 1 converted click.

To use an example in AdWords; a campaign could receive 30 Conversions and 200 Clicks, however it may be that all 30 conversions came from just 20 of those Clicks. In this instance, the Converted Clicks will be 20. Consequently, this metric is rarely used in reporting or analysis because it has no direct relationship to revenue, profit or total conversions.

Reporting & Analysis

Converted clicks are a valuable metric when performing analysis of an account, identifying valuable keywords or poor value keywords. The column and metric comes as default in most reports, but you will need to have setup conversion tracking to see any data in these columns.

Because you are essentially looking at unique customers with this metric, it can be a strong indicator (in conjunction with other metrics) of where to look for opportunity within an account.


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