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Engagement Ads

Engagement Ads


AdWords – Engagement Ads

Lightbox ads are a new ad format, which is part of the rich media group of ads, they are more engaging and utilise existing resources from existing advertising campaigns. You may also be interested in learning more about other ad formats:

Introduction to Engagement Ads

Lightbox ads are interactive rich media ads and help to create a strong brand image for those that engage with them. Lightbox ads work only on the Display network, so you will need to create a Display Network campaign in order to utilise this ad format.

How Engagement ads Work

Lightbox ads utilise existing assets such as YouTube videos, Images, Google Maps Listings, and shopping products in order to build a fuller and more engaging user experience. These ads are built in HTML5, which use a responsive design to allow them to work across all screen sizes.

Because of the required assets and the HTML5 coding required, these ad formats are harder to build than a standard text ad. You will need existing assets and you will need to build these inline with Google’s rather extensive list of technical requirements and ad policies. Consequently at the moment there is a significant advantage to be had if you have the ability to produce these ads, as they will set you apart from many of your competitors.


Lightbox ads are billed using engagements, making them an attractive proposition for advertisers who only pay when someone engages with your ads. You will not pay unless someone expands and then engages with the ad.

An ‘Engagement’ can be triggered by someone hovering over an ad for 2 seconds or expanding and clicking on the ad. The aim of this is to reduce unwanted or unintentional engagement from users.

You can use vCPM, which is a viewable cost per thousand impressions billing method instead of CPE (Cost Per Engagement).


The Lightbox system also improves itself over time; driving the relevance of your audience and improving engagement rates, click the link for information on engagement metrics.


Lightbox ads use the standard Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) sizes that you will likely already be familiar with if you have some experience of image ads. Lightbox ads automatically resize to fit standard IAB-sized ad spaces, this automatic resizing allows your ads to appear in more spaces and reach more people.


Benefits of Engagement Ads

There are many benefits that are intrinsic to all ads but we cover only those specific to the Lightbox format here:

Connect with your audience

Using any of the available Display network targeting methods and options you can target users using all of the available Audiences and Placements in AdWords.

Be more engaging

Rather than a simple clickable image or text, Lightbox ads can actually be engaged with, allowing users to explore the ad creative whether its videos, products or maps. These ads can also be expanded to fill the whole page or watch a video; this is a powerful set of tools for any advertiser.

Engagement Ad Formats

Lightbox ads come in two ad formats; Lightbox ad with multiple videos & Lightbox ad with video and image gallery, the following are variants of these formats:

  • Lightbox ad with multiple videos
  • Lightbox ad with video and image gallery
  • Lightbox with product gallery
  • Lightbox with video and image gallery
  • Lightbox with video and product gallery
  • Lightbox with image gallery and product gallery
  • Lightbox with video, image gallery and maps


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