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Impression Assisted Conversion Last Click

Impression Assisted Conversion: Last Click



*A conversion is when a user performs a desired action (being tracked) on your website. This could be buying a product, downloading a file, clicking a link or any other desired action. Typically conversions are linked either directly or indirectly to revenue.

Impression Assisted Conversion: Last Click

Quick Description = Impression Assisted Conversions as a Percentage of Total ‘last click’ conversions

Calculation: Click-assisted conversions / Last click conversions

Referred to as = Impr. assisted conv. / last click conv.

This is the total number of conversions for which a keyword (ad, ad group, or campaign) received assist Impressions divided by the total number of conversions for which it triggered the last click. This is essentially the same as the ‘Click Assisted Conversion: Last Click’ but refers to Impressions rather than Clicks.

This means the following under the circumstances detailed below:

  • Percentage between >0% and <100% = The keyword is more likely to convert than assist
  • Percentage is 100% = The keyword is just as likely to convert as to assist
  • Percentage between >100% = The keyword is more likely to assist than convert

Benefits of Impression Assisted Conversion Value

There is intrinsically less value in this metric than with Click Assisted Conversions because we cannot be sure if the user saw the ad or not. That said, there is still some value to this metric; in cases where you have significant impression assisted conversion data you may have keywords that are more valuable than they would appear if you did not consider this metric.

Important Note

This metrics includes only Search Network activity within a conversion window of 30 days. You will also need to have setup conversion tracking properly to see data for this metric.

Last Click

The term ‘last click’ is not unique to AdWords or this metric; in most attribution models that use ‘last click’, 100% of the value of a conversion is attributed to the last click in the click path to conversion. Thus, ‘last click’ attributes no value to the first click or intermediary clicks leading up to the final click that converted. Bear in mind that the last click may not be the route that the user took to convert, for example:

A user could click on 3 of your paid ads, leaving the site after the last click for a week before coming back through a bookmark to convert… This would still be attributed to the paid last click.

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