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Invalid Click Rate

Invalid Click Rate



Invalid Click Rate

Quick Description = Invalid Clicks as a percentage of Total Clicks

Calculation: Invalid Clicks / Clicks

Referred to as = Invalid Click Rate

This describes the relationship of Invalid Clicks to Total Clicks and is calculated like this:

Invalid Clicks / Total Clicks = Invalid Click Rate

Invalid Click Rate is shown as a percentage (%) as it represents a ratio; hence the result of the above formula can be easily turned into a %. A result of 1 = 100% and a result of 0 = 0% so to provide example; if you had 5 Invalid Clicks and 200 Clicks you would calculate the Invalid Click Rate like this:

5/200 = 0.025 = 2.5%

*to calculate the percentage in this type of formula, simply multiply the result by 100:

0.025 x 100 = 2.5

If you are using excel and have a cell formatted as a percentage, you do not need to multiply by 100.

Invalid Clicks

We cover this more depth in a separate guide but the main reasons why a click would be deemed invalid is because of the following:

  • Manual clicks being used to inflate your cost and drive profits for site owners who are hosting your ads through the Display network are classed as invalid clicks.
  • Any kind of automated tool or software (bots, programs, etc) – Clicks are only valid if performed by a human otherwise they are classed as invalid clicks
  • Irrelevant clicks providing no value to an advertiser, for example; the second click of a ‘double click’ is classed as invalid clicks


Invalid Clicks are automatically filtered out by Google, ensuring most of the time that they are removed from your reporting and billing before you see them. You will not be charged for invalid Clicks.

Invalid Clicks are however, not removed from Google Analytics Sessions, which can be a potential contributing factor to discrepancies between the number Clicks and Session.

Invalid Click Rate can be seen at the campaign level only. Go into the campaign tab and click on the “columns” drop down menu (see image below).

Invalid Click Rate

Then select ‘Invalid Click Rate’ from the ‘Performance’ menu as shown in the screenshot below:

Invalid Click Reporting

You can either look at Invalid Click Rate across all campaigns or you can select a specific campaign and look at the Invalid Click Rate for just that campaign.

Invalid Click Rate is generally a better metric when looking at campaigns, if this percentage is very high there may be underpinning reasons behind it. As always, taking a single metric out of context provides little practical use.

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