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Invalid Interactions

Invalid Interactions



Invalid Interactions

Quick Description = Interactions that Google has determined to be invalid and consequently will not charge you for

Referred to as = Invalid Interactions

Similar to ‘Invalid Clicks’ described earlier in this guide, this metric shows you how many of your interactions have been removed from reporting and billing by Google. Invalid Interactions aggregate all invalid Clicks and other interactions that did not meet Google’s policies and consequently did not incur a charge.


We discuss interactions and interaction rate in more detail in other guides, but it is important to know that interactions are defined as actions that a user can take to incur a charge from Google. The table below shows you all types of interactions that AdWords uses (at the time of writing):

Ad Type


Campaign Type

Text Ads


Search & Shopping

Image Ads



TrueView Video Ads

Video Views


LightBox Ads


Display / Gmail

How Invalid Interactions Work

Google automatically filters these interactions out, removing them from your reporting and billing, meaning that you will not be charged for invalid interactions. These are not removed from Google Analytics Sessions, which can be a potential contributing factor to discrepancies between the number Clicks and Sessions.

We have listed below some examples of what constitutes an Invalid interaction:

  • Manual interactions being used to inflate your cost and drive profits for site owners who are hosting your ads through the Display network.
  • Any kind of automated tool or software (bots, programs, etc) – interactions are only valid if performed by a human
  • Irrelevant interactions providing no value to an advertiser, for example; the second click of a ‘double click’

Search Vs. Display

From our experience we see on average more invalid clicks from Display campaign ads than from Search campaign ads. This difference can be as much as 4 times higher in some cases.

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