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View Rate

View Rate



View Rate

Quick Description = The percentage of people that watched your video after seeing the thumbnail

Calculation: Video Views / Thumbnail Impressions

Referred to as = View Rate

Represented as a percentage (%) and provides a good indication of your video’s popularity with the target audience. You can start to notice reductions in View Rates after a video has been out there for a while, as more and more people see it. Performance / traffic is often represented by a large spike and fast falloff.

How View Rate Works

View Rate is the equivalent of CTR (Click Through Rate) but applies only to TrueView Video ads and Video campaigns. To qualify as a view, the user must meet either of the following criteria:

  • The viewer watched 30 seconds of the video ad
  • The viewer watched the whole video ad

Views are also the main matric for billing in Video campaigns, consequently higher View Rates act in a similar way to CTR, and can lower the CPV (Cost Per View).

Benefits / Application of View Rate

View Rate is a very good metric for indicating the appeal of your ad to users, in much the same way as CTR is for Search and Display campaigns. Analysis of the View Rate of each of your video targeting channels can provide insights as to when and where you can increase spend or allocate budget.

In branding campaigns View Rate will likely be the primary metric for success, if you notice that the demographic 18-24 single men have a much higher View Rate than other demographics, you can use this to build out more targeted campaigns, ad groups and ads.

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