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Viewable Measurable Impressions

Active View Viewable Measurable Impressions / Impressions



*Campaigns using CPM bidding work differently to almost all other bidding types, as such they have their own metrics. These can only be used on the Display Network and is typically used with CPM bidding. The hosting website has to have enabled ‘Active View’ for your ads to collate this data.

Active View Viewable Measurable Impressions / Impressions

Quick Description = The amount of measureable impressions as a percentage of all eligible impressions

Calculation: Viewable Measurable Impressions / All Impressions

Referred to as = Active View measurable impr. / Impr.

This metric provides data around how many of the total impressions qualified as ‘measurable viewable’ when using the vCPM (Viewable Cost per Thousand Impressions) bidding method.

This metric highlights the value of using the vCPM bidding method, as you can see what percentage of impressions you have not had to pay for as a result of not qualifying as a ‘measurable viewable impression’.

Measurable Impressions

From the total volume of impressions that were eligible, Measureable Impressions are the ones that are measurable by Active View. Despite an ad tag having Active View enabled, there are several reasons that could prevent the tag from capturing data (being measurable). For example, an impression that is rendering in a cross-domain iFrame may not be measurable.

Viewable Impressions & vCPM Bidding

Viewable CPM (vCPM) bidding differs from CPM bidding because you are only charged for an impression if it qualifies as measurable viewable. This makes vCPM a more attractive bidding method than CPM for businesses that are trying to gain more impressions. A measureable viewable impression has to meet the following criteria to qualify for billing through this billing method:

  • 50% or more of the ad is visible on the screen
  • Display ads have to appear for at least 1 second
  • Video ads have to appear for at least 2 seconds

This bidding method means that your ads are more likely to have been seen by potential customers and prevents billing for ads that were less likely to have been seen

Calculating Active View Measurable Impressions / Impressions

This metric is represented by a percentage (%) and is calculated by dividing the viewable measurable impressions by the total volume of impressions. For example, if you have 400,000 viewable measurable impressions and 500,000 impressions, you can calculate this metric like this:

400,000 / 500,000 = 0.8 = 80%

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