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SEO Auditing Tools



SEO Auditing Tools

SEO Auditing Tools

We have a range of auditing tools designed to meet the varied needs of SEOs, Online Businesses, Digital Marketing Agencies, SEO Freelancers, and Web Developers.

Technical Audits

Our technical auditing software is second to none, we look at around 200 on page components and perform over 550 types of checks or analyses to provide you with the most comprehensive and in-depth technical audits. For every check that we perform, we provide you with:

  • A summary of the check
  • A description of the problem
  • The impact of the problem
  • How to fix the problem
  • The benefits of resolving the problem

The output of this is a PowerPoint presentation report or a Word document with accompanying well-presented spreadsheets.

SEO Audits

These differ from technical audits as they look more at the optimisation to target keywords. These SEO audits also include competitor analysis components as benchmarks for the reports and recommendations that are produced.

Competitor Analysis Reports

We provide a comprehensive suite of competitor analysis tools; we track this data over time for correlative analysis by our machine learning algorithms to provide insights into:

  • Why competitors are improving
  • Why competitors are worsening
  • Detect whether a competitor has been penalised
  • Why a competitor has been penalised
  • Gaps between you and your competitors
  • Opportunities that competitors are taking advantage of, but that you are not
  • Opportunities that you are taking advantage of, but that your competitors are not

Prospecting Audits

SEO Prospecting ToolAgencies and Freelancers often want to get a good top-level snapshot of a prospective client’s site and organic performance. We have customised and combined several components of our tools to produce a prospecting tool; enabling you to easily, quickly and with minimal effort get a clear picture of the site and their competitors, gaps, opportunities, and technical problems.

Our prospecting tool looks at all of the following areas:

  • SEO / Keyword Optimisation
  • Technical analysis
  • Keyword ranking analysis
  • Backlink analysis
  • Competitor analysis (for all of the above)

If we have access to their Google Analytics account we can provide even more feedback, insight and data, all of this gives you a more powerful pitch, in less time and with almost no effort.

Rather than providing a 150-page presentation or word document, these are shorter, much more top-level presentations containing only the most valuable insights. The reports can be easily customised and white labelled within the software.

Website Migration

There are typically a host of common issues with website migrations:

  • URL structure changes
  • Redirect chains
  • Relative links
  • Missing components
  • Incorrect canonical tags
  • Disallow and noindex problems

We have modified the crawler, checks and algorithms to look for issues more specific to website migrations.

Crawling both the live site and new site on a staging server; we provide your web developers with an exhaustive list of issues, ordered by priority and impact, as well as advice on potential problems.

We also provide tools within this to help map the old to the new site, for redirections and help to prevent loss of authority, rankings, traffic and revenue from a poorly managed website migration.

New Website Launch

If you are planning on launching a new site, we can crawl your staging site and provide you with all of the same technical recommendations that you need to ensure a smooth launch.

Multi-lingual & Multi-Region Site Audit

Although we naturally check for these components during a technical SEO audit, we also provide this as a standalone service. Multi-lingual and region sites can sometimes span multiple top-level domain, sub-domain, and directories.

As such they are often complex and prone to problems, especially from a canonicalization perspective. This can be compounded if there are mobile versions of the site.

Raptor uses databases rather than spreadsheets, hard coded logic and machine learning algorithms rather than formulas and a brain! Because of this, we can be more comprehensive, less likely to make mistakes, and much quicker and more efficient than if this is done manually.

Content Audit

Content Audit SoftwareWe have built a tool that analyses content on any site for:

  • Uniqueness
  • Volume
  • Optimisation to target keywords
  • Structure
  • Frequency of posting & updating content
  • Spelling & Grammar

This type of data can help to highlight:

  • Thin content
  • Long content
  • Old content
  • More or less content than competitors
  • Distribution of content throughout your site
  • Areas that need improvement
  • Areas that are performing well

We also look at images, videos and content type such as news, blogs, product pages and can enhance the volume and quality of recommendations by adding in your Google Analytics details.

All of this helps to focus your attention towards where it is needed the most and away from where it is needed least. Learn more about our content audit tool.

Authority Distribution

Authority Distribution ToolOur site authority distribution analyser is completely unique in how it visualises the authority coming into, passing around and out of your site. Helping you to identify authority island pages, weak directories and unfavourable distributions.

Page Speed Analysis

Due to the importance of Page Speed in Google’s ranking algorithm, Raptor has a powerful page speed analysis tool; that tracks, logs and analyses every aspect of page speed across all your webpages regularly to produce detailed ongoing recommendations and insights.

Categorisation Tool

Raptor has a categorisation tool that allows users to easily label their site’s content, categorising it so that we can perform much more comprehensive analyses. Segmenting content analysis data by labels, provides a much more granular and powerful insight into your site’s content, and that of your competitors.

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