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SEO Reporting Tool

Intuitive & powerful reporting tools are designed to both reduce your workload and improve the effectiveness of your SEO strategy.

SEO Reporting Tool

SEO Reporting Tool

We provide a range of reports to meet the varied and complex nature of reports… For agencies, you will need reports to send to the web developer to implement, the main point of contact will typically want a more detailed report than a CEO.

As such all of our reports come with a target audience setting that either expands or contracts the volume and detail show in the report.

All reports are customisable with components being easily removed or added, with template options to avoid creating the same report more than once.

Reports can also be easily white-labelled.

Over Time Tracking

When you add a site to Raptor, we track everything over time! All technical component check, keyword optimisation checks, backlink analysis, keyword rankings, mentions, everything is checked regularly.

We also do this for your competitors, and this vast data set allows our machine learning algorithms to determine patterns, correlations and perform advanced statistical analysis. Out of the back of this, you get insights and recommendations, which can be exported into daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly reports.

All of this data is viewable through the Raptor website at all times as well.

Performance Reporting

Performance ReportingWe allow you to connect you Google Analytics and AdWords accounts, we pull in hourly data from these tools into a robust database, allow us to perform advanced statistical analysis and produce easily customisable reports.

This are viewable online and can be exported.

Combined with our website categorisation tool, you can also produce much more granular reports, showing the performance of site segments and labels.



Audits Reports

For every time of audit that Raptor produces, you are able to export these into high-end customisable reports.

Keyword Reports

You can produce reports for both keyword research and keyword rankings easily with Raptor.

Backlink Reports

As discussed in the section on backlinks, you can produce one-off backlink audits or weekly link building reports.

Report Formats

Reports can come in the following formats:

  • Online viewable and shareable
  • Word
  • PDF
  • PowerPoint
  • Excel
  • CVS

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Product Features

Quick & Easy

Creating reports couldn’t be easier, simply choose what you want to exclude, click a button and you’ve got a report!

Fully Customisable

You can choose from pre-set report templates, customise templates or build your own from scratch. Once built you can reuse the template in other projects.

White Label

Easily upload your logo, fonts and colours, to white label the reports, or download branding free reports to customise offline.

Beautiful Presentations

If you want to show data and analysis to people offline, we offer elegant and functional reports designed to impress.

Automated Reporting

If you need to regularly produce performance reports, simply choose or create your templates and set a frequency… We do the rest!

Combine Datasets

Combine on-page, off-page and analytical data in any report, easily customise what you want to show or highlight.

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