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SEO Reporting Tool

Raptor helps your business increase online sales, revenue and profits through effective SEO.

SEO Reporting Tool

The Raptor web crawler scrapes a lot of SEO data and it performs a lot of checks and analysis on those data. We provide this information to you in several formats to make it both easy to navigate & identify issues, we also provide two file types for downloading or exporting your data; Excel and .csv files.



Our SEO tool's reporting functionality makes navigating and identifying problems incredibly easy, whether you're new to SEO or a seasoned veteran. Quickly find issues with meta data, indexation, broken links and canonical errors.


Benefits of Raptor's SEO Reporting Tool

Access Your Data Online

Download Beautiful SEO Reports

Custom Data Downloads

Visualise Your SEO Data

Broken Link Report

Detailed SEO Reports


SEO Reporting: Why Is It Important? What Is It? How Can We Help?

SEO reporting is important no matter whether you work in-house, as a freelancer, in an agency or for yourself. SEO reports help you to identify errors on a site, improve optimisation for target keywords and ultimately contribute to improving online sales and revenue.

SEO reports can take many forms, and we provide you with as much of the data as you'll need and in all the formats you need them in.

Our SEO tools provide a suite of reporting features that deliver data, checks and top-level analysis of website data from crawls. We also provide a comprehensive range of downloadable reports that can be fed into wider audits and processes or be sent straight to clients.

Web Crawler - Reporting for seo audits


We don't charge extra for you to white label our report or data, the way we see it, if you pay for a subscription, it's your data and you can whip out our logo and exchange it for yours. We pride ourselves on being able to offer the same features and functionality to our smallest customers and our largest.

We don't withhold features such as white labelling or reporting because you're a freelancer and you don't need to crawl 2 million URLs per month. When you sign up for an account with Raptor, you get access to everything.

We even provide all features with a free trial so that you can try before you buy, so why not sign up for a free trial today to see for yourself?!


View Your Reporting Data Online

We segment our SEO reporting data into multiple tabs within the reporting section of our web crawler. Whether you are looking for a graphical overview of the SEO of your site or you want to drill down into the numbers, we have features that cater to either need.

Raptor breaks down your crawl data into a summary tab, errors, and informational data. Within each tab we categorise the data into easily identifiable segments such as data for canonical pages or checks on indexable URLs.

Web Crawler - Report data and drill-down details for seo audits


Custom Exports, Get Everything You Need!

Raptor provides a wide range of exportable data in our SEO software, everything from headers and page titles to the UA numbers of your site's Google Analytics code. With our customisable csv reports, you can easily build your own reports to download with any to all the SEO data you need.

Web Crawler - Create custom CSV exports for seo audits


Formatted Excel Reports, Save Time Preparing Data

One of the more popular features that Raptor provides for our users are formatted Excel reports, splitting out data into multiple worksheets provides several benefits over csv exports.

Web Crawler - Excel report exporting for seo audits


The tabbed data in our reports also makes it easier to review, analyse and saves time when preparing reports to send to clients or internal stakeholders. Especially if you are sending a PDF or PPT report that accompanies the spreadsheet, making references to specific tabs makes it much more efficient.


Visualised SEO Data Makes Reading Reports Easier for You and Your Clients

In addition to tables of data we also give you a lot of graphical representations of data in summary reports such as the SEO auditing and competitive analysis. These reports make it very efficient when analysing lots of data.

Web Crawler - Visulaisation of internal linking from seo audit data


We not only provide a graphical representation, but we also colour code charts to highlight areas of the data that are errors, potential errors, informational or have no issues at all. Even within the tabled data in Raptor, we provide visual aids that allow you to see which of checks are errors.


Broken Link Reports

Everyone in SEO needs a broken links report on a regular basis, we give you a downloadable Excel file with all inaccessible links split into tabs based on their status code. The report details every broken link identified during the crawl, its location on the site and the status code returned.

Web Crawler - Excel broken link report from seo audit data


The tabs provided split this data into 4XX errors, 5XX errors and 3XX redirects, making it easy to report to your clients or delineate priorities for implementation.


Image Reports

Images are often overlooked when optimising sites for target keywords, this can be because getting page-level data for images isn't very common in SEO tools. The downloadable image report we give you details each image per row and the location that image is used.

If an image is located on multiple pages; we list the image multiple times so that you can see the alt attribute used in each location. This makes it super easy to review or optimise alt tags & filenames.

Web Crawler - Excel images report from seo audit data


Google PageSpeed Insights will often suggest that images use next gen formats, we provide you with the format of images within the image report so that you can review these data and optimise accordingly.


SEO Report

Crawl data for a site, especially large sites, can be unwieldy in a csv file; with our SEO Report you get all the data but split into multiple tabs segmented into the typical SEO categories you would expect. The SEO report includes tabs for:

  • Indexation
  • Headers
  • Meta data
  • Social tags
  • Xml sitemaps
  • Internal linking
  • Canonical data
  • Google Analytics & Tag Manager
Web Crawler - Seo audit report online


We also include a summary tab in the SEO report that contains the majority of SEO data that you'll need to identify all the most common SEO errors.


Summarised Data from SEO Checks Focuses Your Attention Where It's Needed

Our SEO software performs hundreds of checks on website crawl data, when we present this to you in the reporting section, the data is split into expandable / collapsible SEO audit categories.

These sections are grouped into sets of relevant checks and data such as those listed below:

  • Canonical + Indexable Pages
  • Canonical Pages
  • Canonical URL Errors
  • Content
  • Google Analytics
  • Indexable html Pages
  • Internal Links
  • Meta Data
  • Non-canonical Pages
  • Non-Indexable + Non-Canonical HTML Pages
  • Non-Indexable HTML Pages
  • Non-Status 200 URLs
  • Page Speed
  • Redirections
  • Robots.txt
  • Sitemaps
  • Social Media
  • URLs

All these categories are split over multiple tabs into errors & informational tabs that help to focus your attention where its needed. We do this because some things like an error 404 page are by definition an error, whereas other components like a redirect could be an error or may be intentional.

SEO Reporting Data

Our web crawler provides the following reporting data, which is segmented into the following categories:


Canonical + Indexable Pages

  • Duplicate page title sets
  • Nofollow in links
  • Less than 3 follow in links
  • Duplicate meta description sets
  • Duplicate H1 sets
  • Missing meta description
  • Missing H1
  • Multiple meta description
  • Multiple H1s
  • Pages with <100 Words
  • Pages with 101 - 250 Words
  • Not in sitemap
  • Missing page titles
  • Multiple page titles


Canonical Pages

  • Nofollow in links
  • Less than 3 follow in links
  • Non-indexable
  • Duplicate page title sets
  • Duplicate meta description sets
  • Duplicate H1 sets
  • Missing meta description
  • Missing H1
  • Multiple meta description
  • Multiple H1s
  • Pages with <100 Words
  • Pages with 101 - 250 Words
  • Not in sitemap
  • Missing page titles
  • Multiple page titles


Canonical URL Errors

  • Pages Missing Canonical Tag
  • Uppercase URLs
  • Canonical URL returns 3xx
  • Canonical URL returns 4xx
  • Canonical URL returns 5xx
  • Canonical URL to non-canonical page
  • www
  • Non-www
  • Https
  • Http
  • Trailing slash
  • Non-trailing slash
  • Contain spaces
  • Contain underscores
  • Relative link
  • Empty canonical tag



  • Pages missing H1 headers
  • Images missing alt attribute
  • H1 contains bullet points
  • H1 contains image
  • H1 duplicate sets (canonical & indexable pages)
  • H2 contains bullet points
  • H2 contains image
  • H2 headers not heading content
  • H2 headers used to style text
  • H3 contains bullet points
  • H3 contains image
  • H3 headers not heading content
  • H3 headers used to style text
  • H4 contains bullet points
  • H4 contains image
  • H4 headers not heading content
  • H4 headers used to style text
  • H5 contains bullet points
  • H5 contains image
  • H5 headers not heading content
  • H5 headers used to style text
  • H6 contains bullet points
  • H6 contains image
  • H6 headers not heading content
  • H6 headers used to style text
  • H2 but no H1
  • H3 but no H2
  • H4 but no H3
  • H5 but no H4
  • H6 but no H5
  • Empty H1 tag
  • Empty H2 tag
  • Empty H3 tag
  • Empty H4 tag
  • Empty H5 tag
  • Empty H6 tag


Google Analytics

  • Multiple GA Code Pages
  • Legacy GA Code Pages
  • Multiple Tag Manager Code Pages
  • Missing GA Code Pages
  • Missing Tag Manager Code Pages


Indexable html Pages

  • Nofollow in links
  • Less than 3 follow in links
  • Non-canonical
  • Multiple meta description
  • Multiple H1s
  • Pages with <100 Words
  • Pages with 101 - 250 Words
  • Multiple page titles

Internal Links

  • Uppercase URLs
  • Internal Links Contain spaces
  • Internal Links Contain underscores
  • Internal Links Relative links


Meta Data

  • Duplicate Page Title Sets
  • Empty page title tags
  • Long Page Title Pages
  • Missing Page Title Pages
  • Missing Meta Description Pages
  • Long Meta Description Pages
  • Multiple Meta Description Pages
  • Duplicate Meta Description Sets
  • Multiple Page Title Pages
  • Empty meta description tags


Non-canonical Pages

  • Indexable
  • Follow in links
  • Listed in xml sitemap/s
  • Canonical URL in links to external site
  • Non-Indexable + Non-Canonical HTML Pages


Follow in links

  • Listed in xml sitemap/s
  • Canonical URL returns 3xx
  • Canonical URL returns 4xx
  • Canonical URL returns 5xx
  • Canonical URL links to external site


Non-Indexable HTML Pages

  • Follow in links
  • Is Canonical
  • Listed in xml sitemap/s


Non-Status 200 URLs

  • In links
  • Listed in xml sitemap/s
  • HTML
  • Image
  • CSS
  • JS
  • SWF
  • PDF


Page Speed

  • 2 - 3 Sec Pages
  • 3 - 4 Sec Pages
  • 4 - 5 Sec Pages
  • >5 Sec Pages
  • File size 20 - 49Kb
  • File size 50 - 99Kb
  • File size 100 - 149Kb
  • File size 150 - 199Kb
  • File size >200Kb
  • Images not compressed



  • Redirect chains (redirect to 3xx URL)
  • Redirect loops
  • Redirect to 4xx URL
  • Redirect to 5xx URL
  • Follow in links to redirect page
  • Listed in xml sitemap/s
  • Redirect to non-canonical page
  • Redirect to non-indexable page
  • Redirect to non-indexable, non-canonical page
  • Redirect to different file type



  • Missing Robots.txt
  • Robots.txt disallow /all
  • Robots.txt no XML sitemap link
  • Robots.txt not served as plain text



  • 3xx URLs
  • 4xx URLs
  • 5xx URLs
  • Other non-status-200 URLs
  • Non-canonical HTML pages
  • Non-indexable HTML pages
  • Changefreq not used in sitemap
  • Priority not used in sitemap
  • Missing (no xml sitemap)
  • >10Mb
  • >50K links
  • Tracking parameters in sitemap URLs
  • Session ids in sitemap URLs


Social Media

  • Missing 'og:description'
  • Missing 'og:image'
  • Missing 'og:title'
  • Missing 'og:type'
  • Missing 'og:url'
  • Placeholder text in og tags
  • Blank og tags
  • Missing 'twitter:card'
  • Missing 'twitter:creator'
  • Missing 'twitter:description'
  • Missing 'twitter:image'
  • Missing 'twitter:site'
  • Missing 'twitter:title'



  • Uppercase URLs
  • >100 characters
  • >3 slugs
  • Contain spaces
  • Contain underscores


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