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SEO Tools

Raptor helps your business increase online sales, revenue and profits through effective SEO.

SEO Tools

At Raptor Digital Marketing Tools, we provide a comprehensive suite of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tools, designed by SEOs for SEOs. Our tools are designed to meet the needs of SEO agencies, SEO freelancers and consultants as well as in-house (client-side) SEO’s alike.




Two of the founding members of Raptor have a combined experience of over 20 years in SEO. They have worked for agencies, as freelancers, setup their own agencies and worked client-side during their careers. This combined experience has been heavily drawn upon to create SEO tools that meet the similar and subtly different requirements of SEOs in these positions.


Benefits of Raptor's SEO Tools

Quickly Crawl Any Website

Easily Crawl Multiple Websites

Identify Technical SEO Issues

Cloud-Based Web Crawling

Access Your Data From Any Device



SEO Web Crawler

A web crawler is a program that crawls and scrapes data from web pages systematically. There are many types of web crawler such as Googlebot, which is used by Google to crawl and index sites that they show in their search results. Raptor provide a web crawler (Raptorbot) as part of our suite of SEO tools, this tool performs the same function as Googlebot but for different end purposes.



SEOs use web crawlers to collect website data relevant to the various processes and techniques used in search engine optimisation. These include scraping data for technical or SEO site audits, various competitor analysis, research and monitoring purposes.

Our SEO Web Crawler is the foundation of our SEO Tools, built to be fast, efficient and easy to use, it can crawl sites of any size in very little time. We collect a huge range of SEO site data that can be used in any of the SEO processes mentioned above.

At Raptor we use cloud-based technology upon which to build our web crawler, instead of a desktop web crawler used by some of our competitors. This means that we provide a range of in-built advantages over those competitors such as not needing to install any software or have your computer run whilst crawls are processed.

Read more about our SEO web crawler.


SEO & Technical Site Auditing Tool

The SEO Tools that we provide are most often used to assist in performing SEO and technical site audits. As well as collecting web data, we also process & analyse that data to identify various informational components and errors of varying degrees of importance.




We also segment or present data based on common aspects of SEO audits, for example; we compare the link within a canonical tag to the URL of the page crawled to identify whether each page on a site is ‘canonical’ or ‘non-canonical’. We then present data about the canonical pages such as the word count or meta data errors that that have.

This type of analysis is performed to automate aspects of an SEO audit, rather than just providing the raw data, we do as much of the work as possible for you. Continuing the example from above, segmenting website data into canonical and non-canonical is an important step in any audit. Often non-canonical pages on a site can be used as landing pages for paid advertising campaigns. As such you would not need to analyse it for the same type of SEO errors that you would a canonical page.




The SEO auditing tools and both the data and analyse that we deliver allow you to:

  • Identify indexation issues
  • Identify meta data errors
  • Identify canonical issues
  • Identify duplicate content & canonical duplication
  • Identify broken links
  • Shore-up XML sitemaps
  • Identify redirects and redirection errors
  • Improve site navigation
  • Analyse page speed
  • Identify slow pages
  • Analyse content & its distribution across a site
  • Identify thin content pages
  • Identify URL issues
  • Help optimise images
  • Identify social media tags and issues
  • Help optimise a site for target keywords

All of these components are presented clearly and made easy to both find and understand and the terminology we use to describe them are ubiquitous among SEOs. For every issue that we identify or help to resolve we also provide video guides and written tutorials. These describe how to understand issues, how to resolve them and the impact they can have. As such we provide end to support for our customers.

Read more about our SEO auditing tool & technical auditing tool.


Competitor Analysis Tool

The competitor analysis tools and features available in our SEO software allow you to perform several highly valuable functions. We describe these in more detail below.



Scrap Competitor Site Data

Scraping competitor site data can assist in various processes, such as identifying competitor keywords, or the amount of content they have on a topic. You may want to evaluate a competitor’s SEO strategy or look for gaps in the keywords to find niches that your business can occupy.


Benchmark Your Site Against Competitors for Key Metrics

Using our SEO tools to benchmark your site against your competitors and the competitive average is highly valuable for making data driven decisions that inform the wider SEO strategy. Understanding what areas your site performs well in compared to the competitive landscape means that you can direct your efforts where they are most needed.

This type of analysis ensures that you get the best return on your SEO investment.


Produce a Competitive SEO Snapshot

As part of working for an SEO agency or for yourself as a freelancer, you will often have to pitch for new business. Taking an SEO snapshot of the potential client site within the competitive landscape can take time unless you use a tool like ours. An SEO snapshot will enable you to illustrate to a potential client where the biggest opportunities exist.


Tracking & Monitoring

By tracking competitor sites over time, you are able to perform various ad hoc analysis’ to further your understanding of changes in your own site performance. For example, if you have been seeing a competitor rising through the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), you can look at competitive data to see what changes have occurred that could explain this.

Read more about our competitor analysis tool.


Page Speed Analysis Tool

Page speed is incredibly important due to the weight that Google place upon it in their ranking algorithm. Page speed also has the potential to drastically impact on the user experience, which is the main reason why Google consider it to be so important.

As part of our SEO tools we provide a range of page speed analysis features to help you identify slow pages, and the potential cause of the slow load times. Our web scraping and analysis provide you with the following insights:

  • Slow pages
  • Large file sizes
  • Large pages
  • Images with lots of images
  • File types such as non-next gen formats

Read more about our page speed analysis features.


SEO Reporting Tool

SEO reporting is an essential part of providing transparency to clients and to the process of tracking and monitoring performance and progress. Raptor provide a range of reporting features throughout our SEO tools, such as tables of data, checks and analysis as well as charts and other graphical visualisations.




We provide both visual indicators of errors as well as descriptions of what the data and analysis could mean. We also provide a range of downloadable data such as custom CSV exports and beautifully formatted Excel reports.

Read more about our SEO reporting tools.


Other Features of Raptor’s SEO Tools

There are many other features of our SEO tools that are worth mentioning, we have described these in more detail below.


Cloud-Based SEO Tools

All of our SEO software is cloud based meaning that you can:

  • Access your crawl data online
  • Access your data from any device or location
  • Run a crawl and wait to be notified of when it completes
  • No need to store crawl data locally
  • View historical crawl data online

Cloud-based software provides advantages over desktop software such as:

  • The complete removal of compatibility issues with operating systems (OS)
  • Issues from software or OS updates
  • The need to update your SEO tools


Easy & Effective Project Management

Because we designed our tools for SEOs, we have designed a project management system that’s both easy to use and effective at an any scale. Raptor allows you to add as many projects as you need and as many sites and competitors to those project as you need.


Upgrade or Unsubscribe Whenever You Need

We allow you to upgrade your subscription or downgrade at any time, meaning that you have a lever to move up or down as your usage demands it.


You Are Metered Only on The Number of URLs Crawled

The only thing that we meter usage on is the number of URLs crawled in any billing cycle. This means that we don’t hold back features or functionality from our users, everyone from the smallest plan to the largest gets access to every feature.


Benefits of Using Our SEO Tools

Raptor offer a range of benefits such as:


Competitive Pricing Designed to Meet the Needs of All SEOs

We offer competitive pricing that beats the rates of all our like for like competitors. Pricing plans start at $29.99 USD per month.

We also have pricing plans to meet the needs of larger enterprise level businesses, so whether you need to crawl 50,000 or 2 million URLs, we have highly competitive pricing to meet your needs.


Sign Up for a Free Trial, This is What You Get…

When you sign up for a free trial with Raptor, you get the following free for 30-days:

  • 5,000 URLs for free
  • Access to all features
  • SEO reporting
  • SEO auditing
  • Web crawling
  • Page speed analysis
  • Online support
  • Email support
  • Email notifications



30-Day Free Trial of our SEO Web Crawler Now Available, sign up with a valid email address and your name below to get instant access. No Credit Cards Required.