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Categorise & Labelling Tool

If you’ve ever worked in digital marketing you will, at some point, have had to categorise or label data. This could be URLs of your website, AdWords Campaigns, or keywords as part of a keyword research project. Raptor provides a range of solutions to help you categorise and label any data quickly and easily.

How It Works

Keyword research is a very common task, as part of the keyword research process you will categorise all the keywords.

Whether you are labelling URLs or keywords; the process is basically the same. For example, the image below shows two categories with labels for each keyword under each category:


Categorise and Label Data

How This Helps

The advantage of doing this is that you can produce meta data and analysis on these labels or categories. Continuing the above example, we can show the search volume / competition / keyword difficulty / average search volume / ranking / etc for the ‘backlink’ label.

Whether you are labelling keywords or campaigns, this can help to highlight opportunities and reveal narratives within the data; ‘keyword group a’ is more competitive and low search volume in contrast to ‘keyword group b’.

What’s the Problem?

Labelling data can be a pretty big job regardless of the size of the data set. This is amplified if you are dealing with thousands or tens of thousands of keywords (URLs, or items). Depending on how many categories you require for your data, 1,000 keywords could result in 5,000 labels, from just 5 categories.

If you’re using a spreadsheet and using formulas, this can quickly become very cumbersome, even with a fast computer. So, as well as taking considerable time and effort, the end result can often be an unmanageably large spreadsheet.

How Raptor Can Help

Raptor takes the sting out of the whole process, we have built a tool that allows you to quickly and easily label your data. Using lookup functions that search for text strings within your data, you can quickly apply a label to hundreds or thousands of items at once.

Because we manage our data with robust databases hosted on dedicated servers optimised for database performance; you don’t get the problems of slowing down your computer or waiting minutes for a spreadsheet to calculate.

We also provide all the meta-analysis without you having to construct pivot tables and charts yourself!

Sign Up for Beta!

Our SEO Tool which will be available for Beta in late 2017 will pretty much do all the work for you, so why not sign up for early Beta access below.

Product Features

Categorise & Label

Quickly and easily create and apply categories & labels for your keywords; to allow for a more granular segmentation and analysis.

Manage Big Data

Our databases and servers power what we do, consequently we can manage vast amounts of data easily without affecting your computer.

Reduce Workload

We automate the collection of data, any filtering, deduplication, removal of irrelevant terms, and apply our algorithms to it. This is a huge time saver.

Fully Scalable

Our databases and servers allow us to process phenomenal amounts of information without crashing your computer. Scale up your SEO with Raptor!

Save Time!

Ultimately, we automate as much as possible, freeing up your time to be more strategic and creative; either way Raptor is a huge time saver for your business.

Interactive Environment

Our interactive environment lets you control, manage and process your data in a simple and effective workflow… Meaning; you don’t need to download it.

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