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Multilingual & Multi-Regional SEO Tool

Raptor helps your business increase online sales, revenue and profits through effective SEO.

Multilingual and multi-regional sites can very easily and quickly become a canonical mess! With the consequence of this being that the wrong site can show in the wrong region.

The Problem

Don’t assume that because you’ve got different TLDs (Top-Level Domains) such for the UK & for Australia that Google will automatically handle this the way you want. They often will not do what you expect!

You need to control how and where your content is shown through proper canonical configuration.

Typically, multilingual and multi-regional sites are also substantial in size, making the job of properly configuring the site a nightmare…

With hreflang tags canonicalizing the site across regions and languages and canonical tags only canonicalizing within those regions and languages; there’s lots to consider.


How We Can Help

Well, luckily, Raptor can help! Our SEO Tool which will be available for Beta in late 2017 will pretty much do all the work for you.

Our SEO Tool will crawl your site, using indicators such as TLD’s & language detection among others, as well as your input to determine what region or language a page is targeting.

Using this data and some back-end computer wizardry we’re able to produce bespoke recommendations to resolve all Multilingual and multi-regional issues. These are in both a written text based format and a spreadsheet with tabs segmenting the data.

You can provide these straight to your web developer/s to implement, then use Raptor to check that it’s been implemented properly.


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