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Raptor helps your business increase online sales, revenue and profits through effective SEO.

At Raptor we want to help SEO and Digital Marketing agencies and freelancers, so we have created several tools that will be specifically useful to you guys!

One of these is our SEO Prospecting Tool, a common job for digital agencies and freelancers is looking at prospective client sites, analysing their organic presence, their competitors, backlink profiles, etc. A lot of this involves using one tool to crawl a site, another to check some keyword, another tool to look at the backlinks, etc, etc…

Then you have to compile and analyse this data before turning it into something you can use to pitch for business… Sound familiar?
Well, now Raptor can do this for you! Our software will perform all of the functions below once you enter some basic information:

  • Crawl the prospective client’s site
  • Crawl the prospective client’s competitors site
  • Check keyword rankings
  • Analyse backlink profiles
  • Perform a technical audit of the principle site
  • Check and analyse Google Analytics and AdWords data (if we are provided access)
  • Spam checks (on and off page) for principle site
  • Keyword optimisation audit for prospective client and competitors
  • Produce a customisable top-level report for pitching

This will save a huge amount of your time and effort allowing you to focus on more important components like practicing your pitch or analysing the data we provide. Due to the automated nature of what we do, we can provide more data, more easily, and faster than can be achieved manually.

Our analysis of this data is also a huge time saver, drawing your attention to where it is most needed and away from where it is not required. This saves time, money and valuable resources while providing a higher resolution image of the prospective client’s online presence.

Raptor’s SEO Page Speed Tools

Raptor’s Page Speed Tools will be released for Beta later this year, this SEO tool has a huge range of features to help Digital Agencies and Freelancers as well as businesses.
Click the link to read more about this, or sign up today and get Beta access to Raptor in late 2017, plus get 2 months’ free full usage when we launch in early 2018.

This module is part of Raptor's SEO Tools suite, which you can read more about, by clicking the link.


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