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Competitor Analysis

This is one of our advanced guides that looks at the various components of performing a competitor analysis. We have classified this as advanced as this guide involves all of concepts introduced in the basic & intermediate guides.

What Is a Competitor Analysis?

As we discuss later in this guide, there are many types of competitor analysis that can be performed, this is typically driven by strategic goals. A competitor analysis will help you to understand your competition in more detail.

Why Perform One?

Whether it’s a keyword ranking analysis or a content analysis, the aim is often to understand something about a competitor in order to advance your performance. We have listed some of the main reasons why people perform a competitor analysis:

  • Identify who your competitors are
  • Identify the level of the competition
  • Identify how the competitor has achieved success in a particular area
  • Identify potential threats from competitors
  • Help to determine / refine your target keywords
  • Help to determine an SEO strategy
  • Identify areas of high and low competition

Ultimately, a competitor analysis can provide a range of insights but they should all help you to create, understand or develop your own SEO strategy.

Types of Competitor Analysis

There are many components that can be assessed in a competitor analysis and as described above many reasons / goals of performing an analysis. Depending on what you want to know and why will dictate what components you assess.

There are also a range of tools out there that can assist in performing such an analysis, some are cheap and some are expensive… But you will need specific tools for certain jobs. We cover in granular detail below the different types of competitor analysis.

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