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Meta Keywords

Meta Keywords


Meta keyword tags are no longer used by Google as a ranking factor, of any kind, but they are used by Bing for the time being. Consequently they are a mostly redundant page component and one that has been highly abused by spam artists in the past.

That said there are no real down sides to using Meta Keywords… Some people recommend that no one use them because competitors may be able to scrape your target keywords more easily. We have no interest in this argument; it’s more than easy to scrape target keywords from page titles, H titles and content.

Presumably this argument only holds water if you have ‘optimised’ your Meta keywords tag, this would be an odd thing to do if you were not optimising your page title and headers.

Moreover, if they are your competitors you will likely already have a good picture of their target keywords! Not using a Meta keywords tag does not stop competitors from establishing your target keywords or from crawling your site. Thus we find this argument to be a pretty weak one for not using the tag.

What are Meta Keywords?

Bing use Meta keywords as an indicator of what a web page is about, this is not a ranking factor but their crawlers do look at it.

Bing primarily looks at the contents of this tag to see if the keywords appear within the content, and if they do not, they consider this spam. Thus arises the need to use them reasonably if you are to use them.

We have shown the example code for these below:

<meta name="keywords" content="example keyword 1, keyword 2"/>

How to Use Meta Keyword

Only use a couple of keywords that are actually used within the page content within a Meta tag, ensure that the keywords are relevant and not being keyword stuffed.

For the most part we do not recommend the use of keyword tags but if they are used, just ensure they are used rationally and not as a catch-all dumping ground for all your website’s keywords!

Use of Quotation Marks

Quotation marks “” within a Meta keywords tag will cut it off, instead use a single quotation >‘< instead.


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